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Advanced Methods for Social Research SEM1 6SSES001 Module
Advanced Research Methods 7SSEJ004 Module
Analysing English 1 SEM2 4SSEL004 Module
Analysing English 2: English Phonetics and Phonology SEM1 5SSEL009 Module
Analysing English for Learning and Teaching SEM1 7SSEE021 Module
Analysing Health and Social Care SEM1 6SSES004 Module
Analysing Spoken Discourse 5SSEL014 Module
Analysing Stories and Identities SEM2 6SSEL040 Module
Analysing Stories and Identities SEM2 7SSEA012 Module
Assessment in Professional Practice and Society 7SSEM051 Module
Business Management in Education SEM2 7SSEM054 Module
Child Health and Development SY 7SSEC002 Module
Child Protection SEM2 7SSEC003 Module
Child Studies Dissertation NSY 7SSEC005 Module
Childhood and Youth in Troubled Times SEM2 6SSES009 Module
Children in International Development SEM2 5SSES013 Module
Children's Rights SEM1 7SSEC001 Module
Children, Families and the State SEM2 5SSES012 Module
Civil and Political Rights SEM1 6SSES005 Module
Coaching and Mentoring 7SSEB009 Module
Committing to Equity and Social Justice in Teacher Education 7SSECESJ Module
Computer Science Education: Theory and Practice 7SSEX007 Module
Corpora for ELT TERM3 7SSEE028 Module
Creative Learning at Southbank Centre SY 7SSEM058 Module
Critical Perspectives on Education SEM1 7SSEM068 Module
Critical Posthumanism, Digital Data SEM1 6SSEL030 Module
Cultural Diversity in Language Teaching SEM1 6SSEL035 Module
Describing English Language SEM1 4SSEL009 Module
Design and Evaluation of Educational Software 7SSEM003 Module
Developing Research in Teacher Education: From Design to Publication 7SSEDRTE Module
Dissertation (MA Education in Arts and Cultural Settings) NSY 7SSEM059 Module
Dissertation in Applied Language Studies SY 6SSEL031 Module
Dissertation NSY 7SSEA007 Module
Dissertation SEM2 6SSES002 Module
Education and International Development SEM1 7SSEM069 Module
Education for the 21st Century: A Global Perspective SEM2 6SSES003 Module
Education Policy and the City SEM1 7SSEM005 Module
Educational Leadership 7SSEM065 Module
Employment-Based School Direct Training 6SSEP005 Module
English for Academic Purposes TERM3 7SSEE002 Module
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): Teaching Migrants in the UK 7SSEE003 Module
English for Young Learners TERM3 7SSEE026 Module
English Grammar SEM1 5SSEL007 Module
English Language and Linguistics 6SSEL0235 Module
English Lexis SEM1 5SSEL008 Module
Environment and Society SEM2 5SSES009 Module
Environmental Education: Sustainability and Society SEM2 7SSES005 Module
Experiments in Language and Cognition SEM1 6SSEL041 Module
Film, Poetry, Style SEM2 5SSEL025 Module
Focused Pedagogical Studies 6SSEP002 Module
Focused Pedagogical Studies M) SY 7SSEP002 Module
Gender, Power, and Inequality in Educational Leadership SEM2 7SSEM071 Module
Global Childhoods and Youth: Past and Present SEM2 5SSES010 Module
Global Childhoods SEM2 7SSEC006 Module
Health, Discourse and Communication SEM2 6SSEL043 Module
Improving Learning and Attainment in the Classroom 7SSEM067 Module
Institution/Profession Focused Study 7SSEJ005 Module
Intercultural Education and International Schools SEM2 7SSER002 Module
Interculturality and Culture in ELT 7SSEE019 Module
International and Comparative Education SEM2 7SSEM061 Module
International Child Protection SEM2 7SSEC011 Module
International Child Studies Dissertation NSY 7SSEC010 Module
International Children's Rights SEM1 7SSEC007 Module
International Education and International Schools SEM1 7SSER001 Module
International Education Research Project and Dissertation NSY 7SSER007 Module
International Youth Justice SEM1 6SSES007 Module
Internship: Child Studies and International Child Studies 7SSEC012 Module
Internship: Education in Arts and Cultural Settings NSY 7SSEM064 Module
Introduction to Language and Linguistics 4SSEL001 Module
Introduction to Philosophy of Language SEM2 5SSEL024 Module
Introduction to Social Theory SEM1 4SSES003 Module
Introduction to Sociolinguistics SY 4SSEL002 Module
Introduction to Teaching and Assessment 6SSEQ001 Module
Issues in Teaching and Learning Modern Foreign Languages 7SSEM022 Module
Key Debates in Philosophy of Language 6SSEL036 Module
Key Debates in Philosophy of Language SEM2 7SSEA013 Module
King's Online KCLO2018 Module
Language and Communication Impairment SEM2 5SSEL023 Module
Language and Communication SEM1 4SSEL008 Module
Language and Power SEM2 7SSEM023 Module
Language and the Media 5SSEL022 Module
Language Assessment TERM3 7SSEE004 Module
Language Construction SEM2 5SSEL026 Module
Language Culture and Society 6SSEL019_7SSEA010 Module
Language Culture and Society SEM1 7SSEA010 Module
Language Development SEM1 4SSEL006 Module
Language Politics: Post-National and Global Contexts 6SSEL032 Module
Language Processing 6SSEL042 Module
Language Research Project SY 6SSEL046 Module
Language Teaching Methodology SEM1 7SSEE020 Module
Language, Attitudes and Ideologies SEM2 5SSEL034 Module
Language, Culture and Mind SEM1 6SSEL038 Module
Language, Culture and Mind: From Theory to Method SEM1 7SSEA005 Module
Language, Culture and Society SEM1 6SSEL034 Module
Language, Discourse and Social Media SEM2 6SSEL037 Module
Language, Discourse and Social Media SEM2 7SSEA014 Module
Language, Identity and Culture 7AACMA17 Module
Language, Identity and Culture SEM1 7SSEA011 Module
Language, People and Boundaries SEM1 6SSEL023 Module
Leadership and management in international schools SEM2 7SSER006 Module
Leading Practice in STEM Education (Computing, Maths and Science) SEM2 7SSES007 Module
Learning Out of School: Play, Youth Work and Social Pedagogy SEM1 6SSES010 Module
Linguistic Analysis for Language Teaching SEM1 7SSEE005 Module
Linguistic Politeness SEM2 6SSEL027 Module
Linguistic Politeness SEM2 7SSEA009 Module
Literacies in Theory and Practice 6SSEL025 Module
Materials Development in English Language Teaching TERM3 7SSEE007 Module
Mathematics Education: Theory and Practice 7SSEM016 Module
Media, Culture and Society SEM2 5SSES008 Module
Medical Discourses 7SSEA001 Module
Migration Multilingualism and Diversity 7SEE027 Module
Multidisciplinary Practice With Children 7SSEC004 Module
Multilingualism, Migration and Diversity SEM2 7SSEE027 Module
Notions of English 7SSEM025 Module
PGCE Computer Science/Information Technology NS-PGCE-CSIT Module
PGCE Science NS-PGCE-S Module
Philosophical Perspectives on Childhood and Youth SEM2 5SSES011 Module
Political Activism and Social Change SEM2 6SSES006 Module
Power, Inequality and Social Change SEM2 4SSES005 Module
Principles and Methods of Social Research SEM1 5SSES003 Module
Principles and Policy of STEM Education 7SSES003 Module
Principles and Policy of STEM Education SEM1 7SSES004 Module
Principles and Practice 2: Issues in Communicative Language Teaching 7SSEE008 Module
Principles and Practice in the Language Teaching Curriculum 7SSEE009 Module
Principles and Practices in Second/Foreign Language Teaching SEM1 7SSEE025 Module
Professional Practice in Education SY 6SSEP003 Module
Professional Practice SEM1 7SSEQ001 Module
Psychology and Learning SEM2 7SSEM030 Module
Qualitative Research Methods SEM1 5SSEL032 Module
Quantitative methods in STEM education research (Semester 1) 7SSEQUNT Module
Quantitative Research Methods SEM1 5SSEL031 Module
Race, Ethnicity and Society SEM2 5SSES007 Module
Recent Developments in Digital Technologies in Education SEM1 7SSEM032 Module
Recent Developments in Education Management SEM1 7SSEM031 Module
Recent Developments in Mathematics Education 7SSEM033 Module
Recent Developments in Modern Foreign Languages Education 7SSEM034 Module
Recent Developments in Science Education 7SSEM035 Module
Research Methods and Dissertation in Applied Linguistics/Language Learning and Teaching NSY 7SSEE001 Module
Research Methods and Dissertation NSY 7SSEM066 Module
Research Methods for Applied Language Studies 5SSEL029 Module
Research Methods for International Education I SY 7SSER003 Module
Research methods for international education II SEM1 7SSER005 Module
Research Methods SEM1 7SSEM060_7SSEM066 Module
Research Methods SEM1 7SSEM060 Module
Researching Language Issues 6SSEL044 Module
Researching Linguistic Diversity SEM1 7SSEA006 Module
Rethinking Work SEM1 6SSES011 Module
School Data SY 6SSEP004 Module
School Effectiveness and Improvement SEM1 7SSEM037 Module
Second Language Acquisition and Teaching in International Schools SEM1 7SSER004 Module
Second Language Learning SEM2 4SSEL007 Module
Second/Additional Language Acquisition SEM2 7SSEE024 Module
Second/Additional Language Learning: Research, Theory and Practice SEM2 7SSEE022 Module
Social and Psychological Aspects of Second Language Learning 7SSEE017 Module
Social Justice and Education Policy SEM1 7SSEM039 Module
Social Justice and Policy Analysis SEM2 4SSES004 Module
Social Science at Work SEM1 5SSES005 Module
Sociolinguistics SEM2 7SSEE012 Module
STEM education placement NSY 7SSES008 Module
STEM: Making and Creating SEM2 7SSES006 Module
Studying Policy and Professional Practice 6SSEP001 Module
Studying Policy and Professional Practice SY 7SSEP001 Module
Stylistics SEM1 6SSEL028 Module
Teacher Development SEM2 7SSEM040 Module
Teacher Education TERM3 7SSEE013 Module
Teaching and Learning Pragmatics SEM2 7SSEE023 Module
Teaching and Learning the Language System SEM1 5SSEL018 Module
Teaching Language as Communicative Skills SEM2 5SSEL019 Module
The Arts, Culture and Education SY 7SSEM057 Module
The Digital ELT Classroom TERM3 7SSEE015 Module
The everyday politics of gender and sexuality SEM2 5SSES006 Module
The Foundations of Teaching and Learning Science 7SSEM017 Module
The Making of Language 5SSEL020 Module
The Origins of Language SEM1 6SSEL045 Module
The Political Economy of Education in a Globalised World SEM1 7SSEM070 Module
The Social Context of Education SEM2 7SSEM038 Module
The Uses of Theory SEM1 5SSES002 Module
Themes and Perspectives in Education 5SSES001 Module
Themes and Perspectives in Education 4SSES001 Module
Transition to Adulthood: a Multi-disciplinary Perspective SEM1 6SSES008 Module
Understanding the Social World SEM1 4SSES002 Module
University Ambassador Scheme for Mathematics, Physics and Informatics 6SSEQ002 Module
Work Placement NSY 5SSES004 Module
Working Creatively with Digital Texts SEM2 5SSEL033 Module
Working With Texts: Text Analysis for Language Professionals 7SSEE014 Module

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