1. Statistical inference - George Casella, Roger L. Berger 2002

    Book Core This book covers most of the material in the module. Highly recommended.

  2. Probability and statistical inference - J. G. Kalbfleisch 1985

    Book Recommended Recommended for Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Profile Likelihood.

  3. The Bayesian choice: from decision-theoretic foundations to computational implementation - Christian P. Robert c2001

    Book Core The main reference for Bayesian Inference.

  4. Statistical models - A. C. Davison 2003

    Book Recommended A general reference for several topics in this module.

  5. Statistical Distributions - Catherine Forbes, Merran Evans, Nicholas Hastings, Brian Peacock 2011

    Book Recommended A catalogue of distributions and its properties.

  6. Essentials of statistical inference: G.A. Young, R.L. Smith - G. A. Young, R. L. Smith 2005

    Book Core Another general reference. Theory and additional exercises.

  7. Theory of point estimation. - E. L. Lehmann 2005

    Book Recommended General reference for point estimation. A bit difficult. Contains theory and exercises.

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