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MyReadingList Rollover 2022

The annual MyReadingList rollover will be taking place on Tuesday 17th May 2022. The reading list rollover is an annual process, in which a reading list associated with the previous academic year  (i.e,  2021/2022) is rolled over into the new academic year (i.e. 2022/23).

The rollover requires no action from the list owner, other than making sure that any unpublished changes or “draft” lists will need to be published prior to rollover, otherwise that content will be lost. The process does not fundamentally alter the list and no published content is lost.

List owners are asked not to make any changes to their list during the rollover process (Tuesday 17th May). .

Please note that, for students, the rollover does not impact on access to your reading lists and 2021/22 readings will continue to be visible throughout rollover.

If you have any further questions, please contact