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Name Code Type
Accounting and Financial Reporting 4QQMB101 Module
Advanced Macroeconomics 6QQMN971 Module
Advanced Mathematics II 6QQMN960 Module
Audit and Assurance 5QQMN531 Module
Business Ethics and Sustainability 1 4QQMN130 Module
Business Ethics and Sustainability 2 4QQMN140 Module
Business Strategy 6QQMB310 Module
Capital Markets and Financial Institutions 4QQMN505 Module
Clinical Leadership 7QQMM420 Module
Communications in Organisations 6QQMB305 Module
Comparative Business Management 6QQMN367 Module
Conduct Risk Management 7QQMM817 Module
Consumer Behaviour 5QQMB206 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility 6QQMB302 Module
Crafting Entrepreneurial Opportunities 6QQMN308 Module
Finance, Accounting and Governance 6SSMI303 Module
FinTech Analytics and Robo Trading 7QQMM816 Module
Global Governance and Sustainability 7SSMM122 Module
Government and Business 5QQMB209 Module
Human Resource Management 5QQMB200 Module
Human Resource Management and Leadership 6SSMI301 Module
Intermediate Macroeconomics 5QQMB205 Module
Intermediate Microeconomics 5QQMB204 Module
International Business 5QQMB207 Module
International Human Resource Management 6QQMB303 Module
Introduction to Entrepreneurship 5QQMB210 Module
Introduction to Management 4QQMB100 Module
Introduction to Management Accounting 4QQMN502 Module
Introduction to Microeconomics 4QQMN136 Module
King's Business School KBS-DEPT Department
King's Business School Consultancy Project 6QQMN320 Module
King's Strategic Marketing Management 7QQME007 Module
Law and Management 5QQMB203 Module
Leadership: Theory and Practice 6QQMB301 Module
Mathematics for Accounting and Finance 4QQMN503 Module
Money and Banking 6QQMB300 Module
Organisational Behaviour 4QQMN138 Module
Organisational Change 6QQMB306 Module
Organisational Research Methods 5QQMN240 Module
Principles of Economics 4QQMB102 Module
Principles of Finance 4QQMN504 Module
Principles of Marketing 4QQMN142 Module
Principles of Marketing 4QQMB103 Module
Programming for Accounting and Finance 4QQMN506 Module
Psychology of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 6QQMB308 Module
Research in Marketing 7QQMO516 Module
Research Project 7QQMM818 Module
Strategic Management 5QQMN260 Module
Technology and Innovation 5QQMB202 Module
The Evolution of Modern Business 4QQMN133 Module
The Organisation of the Multinational Firm 5QQMN225 Module
Work in Contemporary Society 4QQMN139 Module

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