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Modules from previous years not in SITS in 2017-2018

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A History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 7SSJM204 Module
Access Control and Privacy Policies 7CCSMAPP Module
Adaptive and Robotics Systems 5CCS2ARS Module
Advanced Antitrust: The Objectives of Article 101 TFEU 7FFLA566 Module
Advanced Hebrew Texts (Poetry) 7AATC746 Module
Advanced Mass Spectrometry 7BBPA003 Module
Advanced Quantitative Research Methods 7KNIP035 Module
Advanced Separation Science 7BBPA002 Module
Advanced Topics in Computational Genomics 7CCSMACG Module
After Franco: Films and Texts of the Transition 5AASB068 Module
Algebraic Curves 7CCMMS16 Module
An Introduction to the Study of Language With Special Reference to Modern Spanish 4AASA017 Module
Ancient Sexuality I 5AACTL36 Module
Animals and their Humans, c.1800-2000 5AAH1040 Module
Applied Clinical Pharmacy Practice 7BBP0421 Module
Aquatic Systems: Science, Management and Policy 7SSG5162 Module
Armed Forces and Society 6SSW2006 Module
Becoming a Teacher: Professional Issues 6SSEG019 Module
Biochemical Toxicology 7BBPA007 Module
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology A 4BBB0109 Module
Bodies and Identities in Digital Media 7AAYCC08 Module
Bodies, Identities and Digital Media 7AAICC08 Module
Brahma to Bhangra: Studies in Indian Music 6AAMS396 Module
British Politics 4YYHE003 Module
Cancer Care: Diagnosis and Treatment 5KNIS218 Module
Capitalism and Empire: The Economics of British Global Expansion 5AAH2032 Module
Carolingian Europe c.750-900 6AAH3023 Module
Causation In International Politics 7SSWM060 Module
Causes, Contingency and War 6SSW2059 Module
Central and Eastern Europe under Communism 4AAOB106 Module
Cervical Screening 5KNIW205 Module
Chemical Mediators and Disease 7BBP0404 Module
Child and adolescent psychiatric disorders 7PACDCHI Module
China: from republic to people's republic 1937-1999 5AAH1034 Module
Church, State and Nation in Britain, 1750-1939 5AAH2006 Module
Clinical and Forensic Toxicology 7BBPA008 Module
Clinical Leadership in Mental Healthcare 6KNIN613 Module
Clinical Nutrition 6KNIG303 Module
Clinical Reasoning and Decision Making: Why 'House' is Just a TV Show 7MHPH023 Module
Clinical Science of Dementia 7PCDACSD Module
Cognitive Behavioural therapy 7PAGMCBT Module
Cognitive Development 7PADSCOG Module
Comedy in French Literature Before 1700 5AAFF250 Module
Commercialization of Cellular Therapies 7MWOCT02 Module
Computer Aided Design 7CCSMCAD Module
Computer Aided Manufacture 7CCSMCAM Module
Conflict and Coexistence in Divided Societies (Core) 7SSJM210 Module
Contemporary British Defence Policy 7SSWM017 Module
Contemporary Film in Brazil: National Cinema in a Global Landscape 7YYB0015 Module
Contemporary French Film 6AAFF350 Module
Contraception and Sexual Healthcare: A Foundation 5KNIW206 Module
Copyright and Designs 6FFLK503 Module
Creative Writing Drama 6AAEC004 Module
Credit level 4: Portuguese for Beginners 4AALPN12 Module
Credit level 5 : Italian stage 6 5AALIN06 Module
Credit level 6 : Italian stage 6 6AALIN06 Module
Credit level 7 : Italian stage 6 7AALIN06 Module
Credit Risk Management 7CCMFM10 Module
Criminal Justice Mental Health 7PCFMPMH Module
Critical Perspectives on the Spanish Transitions 4AASA029 Module
Critical Security Studies 7SSWM228 Module
Cultural Industries and Creative Organisations 7AAYCC11 Module
Cultural Management: Theory, Structure and Process 7AAYCC14 Module
Culture and Commerce 7AAICC06 Module
Culture and Identity in Spanish America: Independence to the Present 5AASB058 Module
Culture and Society in Imperial Spain 4AASA004 Module
Culture, Theory and History 7AAYCC07 Module
Cultures of Secrecy - America and Beyond 7YYAM740 Module
Cultures of Technology 7AAICC41 Module
Data Analysis of Large-Scale Experiments in Molecular Biology 7BBYMDAL Module
Data mining and machine learning 7CCSMDML Module
Death in Greek Literature 5AACTL27 Module
Dermatopathology 7MJDER03 Module
Desire and the Family in 19th-century French Culture 6AAFF357 Module
Developing Skills for Academic Study (2) 4SSEG005 Module
Digital Culture and Production 7AAICC27 Module
Digital Industries and Internet Culture 7AAYCC28 Module
Digital Literacy 7SSEM019 Module
Diplomacy 7SSWM105 Module
Discovering Diffusion: Perspectives on the Interactions of the 'French-German Couple' 6AAOB307 Module
Drug Delivery 7BBP0409 Module
Drug Toxicity (Elective Course for Mpharm Iv) 7BBP0416 Module
E-Learning Theory and Practice 7SSEM021 Module
East Asia's Cultural Cold War 5AAH1058 Module
Electoral Politics in Britain, 1868-1945 5AAH2007 Module
English for Scientific Puposes OLEC30ES Module
Essentials of Environmental Public Health Science 7BBPH016 Module
Essentials of Toxicology for Public Health Protection 7BBPH012 Module
Ethnic and Religious Pluralism in the Societies of Southeast Asia 7AATC708 Module
European Security 7SSWM145 Module
European Union History Institution and Politics 7AAOM202 Module
Experimental Film and Philosophy 7AAQS593 Module
Experimental Physiology B 6BBL0313 Module
Experimental Theatre: From Jarry to the Present 6AAEC007 Module
Extended Physiological and Molecular Basis of Lung Disease 6BBL0388 Module
Extended Research Project in Molecular Science 6BBB0313 Module
Faces of Brazil:Identity and Representation in Fiction and Film 4AASPA01 Module
Fighting in the Air 6SSW2035 Module
Film and American Culture 7AAICC13 Module
Foreign Trade in the Middle East 7SSJM213 Module
Forensic Biology 7BBPM128 Module
Forensic Psychology Practice in Context 7PCFMIFP Module
Forensic, Genetics and Toxicology 6BBY0300 Module
Francophone Literatures 7AAFM165 Module
French 5 for Medics 5AALFRM5 Module
From Luso-Africans to Afro-Creoles: The Making of Portuguese-speaking Africa to 1960 5AASB091 Module
Fundamentals of Genetics and Biomolecular Structure for Bioinformatics 7BBBMPAM Module
Fundamentals of Pharmacology 4BBM1040 Module
Game Theory 6CCM246A Module
Gene Cloning and Expression A/B 5BBB0231 Module
General and Organic Chemistry 4CCC0110 Module
General Relativity and Cosmology 7CCP4630 Module
Genetics and Molecular Biology 4BBB1070 Module
Gentrification and the Creative Class 7SSG5204 Module
German Realist Fiction in the 19th Century 5AAGB205 Module
Global and Political Context of Maternity Care 5KNIMWO7 Module
Government, Governance and War 7SSWM067 Module
Goya and the Dream of Reason 5AASB069 Module
Greek Philosophical Texts I: Plato 6AANA040 Module
Haemato-Oncology Practice 5KNIS212 Module
Hebrew texts: Poetry 6AAT3041 Module
History and Development of Mathematics 6CCM360A Module
History in Ethnomusicology 7AAMS062 Module
History of Portugal 1383-1580 4AASPA08 Module
Hitler's Victim? Modern Austrian Literature and Film 5AAGB701 Module
Homer 7AACM100 Module
Human Geography: Space, Place and Society 5SSG2025 Module
Human-Computer Interaction 4CCS1HCI Module
Imagined Worlds 6AAEC046 Module
Imperial Visions in Iberian Literature 6AASC093 Module
Inclusion: Learning Differences 5SSEG010 Module
India in the World: Anthropological Perspectives 7YYI0006 Module
Infection Control 5KNIN216 Module
Information Privacy Law 6FFLK033 Module
Integrated Chemistry Laboratory 4 5CCC0055 Module
Inter-American Politics 7YYB0013 Module
International and Comparative Oil and Gas Law 6FFLK603 Module
International Relations of the Middle East 5SSJM130 Module
Introduction to Biomechanics and Molecular Biology 5CCYB030 Module
Introduction to International Economics 7AAOM212 Module
Introduction to Spanish American Narrative 4AASA022 Module
Introduction to Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine 6BBL0345 Module
Islam: Later Developments 4AAT1951 Module
Islamist Movements: Jihad, Revolution and Consensus 7SSJM206 Module
Island Kingdom: Defending Britain 1800-1918 7SSDJ142 Module
Issues in Contemporary Art 5ABLLIB5 Module
Italian 1 for Medics 4AALIMD1 Module
Knowledge before Print: Learning and Language in the pre-Modern West 5ABACF01 Module
Knowledge of methodology and statistics 7PACCKN0 Module
Landscapes: Ecology, Biogeography and Management 5SSG2057 Module
Language Learning 4SSEL003 Module
Language of Dance 5AAEB039 Module
Latin American Visual Arts, 19th & 20th Centuries 4AASA012 Module
Latin lyric poetry 5AACTL46 Module
Latin Texts VIII (Prose) 6AACLT08 Module
Law Relating to mental Health in Forensic Contexts 7PAFFCIV Module
Law, Politics and Social Change in India 7YYI0008 Module
Leadership and Change in Dementia Care 7PCDALCD Module
Life' and 'Living' in Recent French Thought 7AAFM007 Module
Literature in a Time of Migration: Mobility and Modernity in Nineteenth-century Literature 7AAEM628 Module
Literature Love and Society in Portugal 4AASPA15 Module
Living Forever: Fame and Glory from Homeric Heroes to Roman Emperors (and Beyond) 6AACTL50 Module
Low-Dimensional Quantum Field Theory 7CCMMS33 Module
Lyric and the Inner Life: Poetry and Selfhood in the Romantic Era 5AAEB044 Module
Making the Natural World: The History of Humans in their Environment since 1700 5AAH1043 Module
Management and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies 6YYD0012 Module
Manpower, Technology, Ideology: The Emergence of Modern War, 1914-1921 6SSW2004 Module
Marine Resource Management 7SSG5175 Module
Masters in Teaching and Learning 7SSEMTL Programme
Materialities and Modernities 1900-2000 7AAH8003 Module
MB BS Part 2 5MMMMBP2 Module
MB BS Part 5 6MMMMBP5 Module
Mechatronics 5CCYB040 Module
Medicine in Western Civilization II 5AAH1031 Module
Medieval Slavery 7AAH1012 Module
Mental Health in Learning Disabilities Module One 7PCFLLD1 Module
Mental Health in Learning Disabilities Module Two 7PCFLLD2 Module
Metal Metabolism in Health and Disease 6BBB0351 Module
Methods Module 7SSJCR01 Module
Midwifery and Sexual Health 5KNIMW02 Module
Midwifery Practice 2 5KNIMW00 Module
Mind and Brain 7PAGMMAB Module
MLC PG Applied Linguistics MLC-PG Module
Modern Islam II: Sociological and Intellectual Trends 5AAT2015 Module
Modern Jewish Visual Culture 7AATC752 Module
Modernism and Music (1909-1939) 7AACMA28 Module
Modernism and the Avante Garde 5AAGB224 Module
Molecular Genetics and Epigenetics 7PADSMOL Module
Money, Violence & Friendship in Modern India, 1660-1990 5AAH2031 Module
Moral Philosophy 6FFLK024 Module
Morality and War 7SSWM046 Module
Needs Assessment and Care Planning 5KNIMW05 Module
Neuroscience and the Mind 5AAN5000 Module
New Labour 7YYHJD01 Module
NIHR Biomedical Research for Mental Health RDPL4PRPRB Module
Origins of Nations and Nationalism: Identity in the Hellenic World 6AACHI60 Module
Orthopaedic Nursing 5KNIA210 Module
Patents and Breach of Confidence 6FFLK505 Module
Peace and Justice 7SWM016 Module
Peer Facilitation of Learning 5KNIP523 Module
Pharmacology for Midwifery 4KNIW405 Module
Pharmacy Examinations PBBP0360 Module
Philosophies of War 6SSW2007 Module
Physical Chemistry 4CCC0130 Module
Poetic Geography 7AACM112 Module
Polish Politics and Society 4AAOB107 Module
Political Economy of the International Monetary System 6SSI888 Module
Political Economy of the Middle East: Theory and Practice 7SSJM230 Module
Political Philosophy II: Freedom 5AANB013 Module
Political Theory and International Order 7SSWM047 Module
Politics and Ethics of Identity 7SSWM064 Module
Politics, Identities and Institutions in Russia's Regions 7YYR0006 Module
Portuguese Language 1A 4AAPP01A Module
Portuguese Language 1B 4AAPP01B Module
Portuguese Romanticism 4AASA042 Module
Power, Identity and Religion: Reformations in England and Europe 7AAH2003 Module
Power, Politics and Ethics in International Relations 6SSW0011 Module
Practical and Theoretical Evaluation of Sustainable Development 7SSG5213 Module
Practical Experiences of Programming 4CCS1PEP Module
Principles of Analytical Techniques, Numerical Methods and Regulatory Affairs 7BBPM011 Module
Principles of Epidemiology 6BBY0301 Module
Proliferation and International Security (Exchange) 7SSWX111 Module
Prolitical Islam 6SSJM450 Module
Psychological therapies 7PAGMPSY Module
Psychopathology 7PADSPSY Module
Quantitative Genetics 7PADSQUG Module
Re-Examining Foundations of ELT 7SSEE018 Module
Reading Politics 4SSPP107 Module
Redox Biology in Health and Disease 6BBB0395 Module
Reimagining the Present, Rewriting the Past in Irish Literature 7AAEM728 Module
Religion and Politics in the 20th Century United States 7AAH3027 Module
Religion, Conflict and Peace Building 7SSJM217 Module
Renaissance Transgressions: France in its European Context 7AAFM026 Module
Representation Theory of Finite Groups [Extended Version] 7CCM351B Module
Research Approaches 7AAIAM03 Module
Research Project in Physiology 6BBL0391 Module
Respiratory Thoracic Nursing 6KNIC312 Module
Respiratory Thoracic Nursing 5KNIC207 Module
Romanticism and Revolution: Byron, the Shelleys and Greece 6AACTL75 Module
Russia and the EU 7AAOM219 Module
Sacred Continental Polyphony Between Josquin and Monteverdi 6AAMS343 Module
Sacred Tales and Pilgrimage in the Graeco-Roman world 7AACK805 Module
Science, Medicine and American Film 7AAH8006 Module
Sex, Death & Evolution: Darwin and Darwinism since the 19th century 5AAH1047 Module
Sex, Power, God and Race - The Writings of Medieval Portugal 5AASB086 Module
Shakespeare in London (Summer School) 4AAESC01 Module
Shifting Perspectives: Studying Portugal and the Portuguese 4AASPA02 Module
Simulation and research methodologies 7CCSMSRM Module
Social and Community Mental Health 7PAGMSCM Module
Social and Physical Volcanology 6SSG3078 Module
Social Development 7PADSSOC Module
Social Genetic & Developmental Psych-MPhil/PhD PT PRMP4PADPGR Module
Social Media, Protest and Political Campaigning 7AAICC35 Module
Social Science and Midwifery 4KNIMW06 Module
Social Scientific Study of Religion in Contemporary Society 7AATC820 Module
Spanish 1 for Medics 4AALSPM1 Module
Spanish for Medics 5 5AALSPM5 Module
Specialist knowledge of child development 7PACDSPE Module
State Builders, Revolutionaries and Reactionaries: Leaders of the Contemporary Middle East 7SSJM214 Module
States and Citizens: the Middle East in Comparative Perspective 6SSJM400 Module
Statistical Genetics 7PADSSTA Module
Statistics for Bioinformatics 7BBBMSFB Module
Stem Cells in Cellular Therapies and Regenerative Medicine 7MWOCT01 Module
Structural Bioinformatics and Protein Structure Predictions 7BBBMPSP Module
Studying Childhood 5SSEG009 Module
Subjects and Selves: Introduction to French Thought 4AAFF123 Module
Supersymmetry and Gauge Theory 7CCMMS41 Module
The ancient and early medieval book (comparative literature) 5ABA0003 Module
The Arab Spring and (un)Civil Wars 6SSJM350 Module
The Art And Science Of Mental Health Nursing 5KNIM511 Module
The Art of Acquisition: Conquest Collection and The Rise of Rome (Hellenistic Art II) 5AACAR21 Module
The Aurora of Our Times: Nationalism in Modern Europe 7AAOM103 Module
The Chemistry of Drugs and Explosives 7BBPM127 Module
The experience of power in Nigeria since 1900 (Dissertation) 6AAH3044 Module
The experience of power in Nigeria since 1900 (Exam) 6AAH3043 Module
The First Portuguese Modernism: Literature and The Visual Arts 4AASPA16 Module
The Forensic Process 7BBPM126 Module
The Foundations of British Foreign Policy 7SSWM054 Module
The Graphic Novel: Origins and Aesthetics 7AAEM704 Module
The Internet 7CCSMINT Module
The law of personal property 6FFLK508 Module
The Making of Twentieth-Century Britain (Exam) 6AAH3033 Module
The political economy of China and East Asia 7AAOM213 Module
The Politics of the Contemporary Middle East 7SSJM005 Module
The Practice of Biomedical Science 4BBY1000 Module
The Principles of Forensic Science 7BBPM125 Module
The Psychology of the Legal and Investigative Process 7PCFMPLI Module
the Reception of Roman Comedy 7AACM211 Module
The Rise of Rome c.650 to 70 BC 6AACHI40 Module
The Treasury 7YYH0045 Module
The US and the Middle East: Intervention and Mediation Since 1945 7SSJM202 Module
Theories of Ownership: What is Mine, Yours and Ours 6FFLK507 Module
Theory and Praxis in Language Teaching 6SSEL018 Module
Topics in Mathematics 6CCM320A Module
Trademarks and Passing Off 6FFLK504 Module
Transmedia Storytelling 7AAICC48 Module
Transnational Litigation 6FFLK509 Module
Travel Writing 5ABA0005 Module
Understanding and Designing Gerontological Research 6SSHM502 Module
Understanding and Managing the Urban Atmosphere 7SSG5145 Module
Urban Climatology 6SSG3055 Module
Violence Revolution and the Search for Identity in Africa: the Literature of Angola and Mozambique 4AASPA14 Module
Violence, the State and Global Politics 7SSWM159 Module
War and Strategy in East Asia 6SSW3018 Module
War, Memory and Mental Health 7SSHM611 Module
What is a (French) Classic? 7AAFM031 Module
Women's Health - Biological Basis of Assessment 5KNIW208 Module
Women's Mental Health 7PAGMWMH Module
Women's writing: then and now 6AAGB623 Module
Work Based Learning (Single-Module) 7KNIM604 Module
Work Organisations and Society 4SSMN134 Module
World Religions and Modernity 7AATC821 Module
Writing Woman/Writing Women: Female Subjectivity in French Narrative from 1850 6AAFF365 Module
Yeats and his Contemporaries: Poetry 1880--1939 5AAEB071 Module
Youth Subcultures 7AAICC23 Module

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