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Advanced Parliamentary Theory and Practice 7SSO1010 Module
Approaches to Policymaking 7SSO1004 Module
Climate Change 7SSO1024 Module
Communications and Public Policy 7SSO1006 Module
Empathy and Emotion in Policymaking 7SSO1005 Module
Ethics, Leadership and Governance 7SSO1007 Module
Foresight and Horizon-Scanning in Policymaking 7SSO1014 Module
Global Public Policy Challenges 7SSO2000 Module
iData: The Markets and Politics of Personalisation 7SSO1017 Module
International Conflict Analysis and Resolution 7SSO1013 Module
Key Models in Public Management: A Comparative Analysis 7SSO1008 Module
Learning What Works 7SSO1001 Module
Participatory and Deliberative Governance 7SSO1012 Module
Robust Decision-Making Under Deep Uncertainty 7SSO1003 Module
The Economic Analysis of Public Policy 7SSO1011 Module
The Policy Process: Advanced Theory and Practice 7SSO1000 Module
User-Centred Digital Government 7SSO1002 Module
Working Internationally 7SSO1018 Module

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