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Accounting and Financial Management SY 4SSMN135 Module
Accounting and Financial Reporting SEM1 4QQMB101 Module
Accounting Organisations and Society SEM2 7SSMM609 Module
Accounting SEM1 5SSMN210 Module
Accounting, Organisations and Society SEM1 6QQMN565 Module
Advanced Audit and Assurance SEM1 6QQMN563 Module
Advanced Econometrics SEM2 6QQMN973 Module
Advanced Financial Management SEM2 7SSMM608 Module
Advanced Macroeconomics SEM2 6QQMN971 Module
Advanced Mathematics for Economists SEM2 4SSMN903 Module
Advanced Mathematics II SEM1 6QQMN960 Module
Advanced Microeconomics SEM1 6QQMN970 Module
Algorithmic Finance SEM2 5QQMN534 Module
Analytics for Human Resource Management and Business SEM2 7QQMM011 Module
Applied Corporate Finance SEM1 7SSMM709 Module
Applied Econometrics SEM1 6SSMN961 Module
Applied Economics SEM2 6SSMN311 Module
Applied Financial Derivatives (Semester 2) 7QQMM717 Module
Applied Risk Management for Banking NSY 7QQMO106 Module
Applied Wealth Management SEM2 7SSMM803 Module
Approaches to the Analysis and Management of Organisations SEM1 7SSMM004 Module
Artificial Intelligence at Work SEM2 6QQMN331 Module
Asset Management SEM1 5QQMN532 Module
Asset Pricing NSY 7QQMO107 Module
Asset Pricing SEM2 7SSMM705 Module
Audit and Assurance SEM2 5QQMN531 Module
Behaviour Economics of Organisations (Semester 2) 5QQMN202 Module
Behavioural Finance NSY 7QQMO112 Module
Behavioural Finance SEM2 6QQMB311 Module
Behavioural Finance TERM2 7SSMM610 Module
Big Data Analytics and Visualisation SEM1 7QQMM813 Module
Big Data and Deep Learning NSY 7QQMO115 Module
Big Data and Text Business and Finance Analytics SEM2 7QQMM815 Module
Bond Markets' Instruments and Trading Strategies SEM2 7SSMM714 Module
Brand Management (PT) SEM2 7SSMP517 Module
Brand Management SEM2 7SSMM517 Module
Brand Management SEM2 7QQMM539 Module
Brand Management SEM2 6SSMN312 Module
Brand Management SEM2 5QQMN211 Module
Business and Entrepreneurship in Contemporary China SEM2 6QQMN314 Module
Business Ethics and Sustainability I SEM2 4QQMN130 Module
Business Ethics and Sustainability II SEM2 4QQMN140 Module
Business Foundations Primer NSY 7QQMBFPR Module
Business Institutions in Historical Comparative Perspective SEM1 5QQMN939 Module
Business Model Innovation and Intellectual Property SEM2 7QQMM305 Module
Business Risk Analytics SEM1 7QQMM814 Module
Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs SEM1 7QQMM300 Module
Business Strategy SEM2 6QQMB310 Module
Business Strategy SEM2 6SSMN325 Module
Business Strategy SEM2 6QQMI310 Module
Business to Business Marketing (PT) SEM2 7SSMP507 Module
Business to Business Marketing NSY 7QQMO507 Module
Business to Business Marketing SEM2 7SSMM507 Module
Capital Markets and Financial Institutions SEM2 4QQMN505 Module
Career Development: Theory and Practice SEM2 5SSMN230 Module
Careers Primer NSY 7QQMCRPR Module
China and the Global Economy 7QQMM211 Module
Clinical Entrepreneurship SY 6QQMN370 Module
Clinical Leadership SEM2 7QQMM420 Module
Commercial and Investment Banking SEM1 7SSMM702 Module
Commercial and Investment Finance NSY 7QQMO103 Module
Communication in Organisations SEM1 6SSMN350 Module
Communication Skills SEM1 4SSMN116 Module
Communications in Organisations SEM1 6QQMB305 Module
Communications in Organisations SEM1 6QQMI316 Module
Company Law SEM2 6SSMN364 Module
Comparative Business Management SEM1 6QQMN367 Module
Comparative Management SEM1 7SSMM103 Module
Comparative Political Economy SEM2 7SSMM117 Module
Comparative Public Policy and Management SEM2 6QQMN319 Module
Computational Finance NSY 7QQMO117 Module
Computational Finance SEM2 7SSMM809 Module
Conduct Risk Management SEM2 7QQMM817 Module
Consumer Behaviour (PT) SEM2 7SSMP503 Module
Consumer Behaviour NSY 7QQMO503 Module
Consumer Behaviour SEM1 7SSMM503 Module
Consumer Behaviour SEM1 5QQMB206 Module
Consumer Behaviour SEM1 5SSMN256 Module
Corporate Finance NSY 7QQMO108 Module
Corporate Finance SEM1 7SSMM611 Module
Corporate Finance SEM2 5QQMN533 Module
Corporate Finance SEM2 7QQMM819 Module
Corporate Governance and Accountability SEM2 7SSMM605 Module
Corporate Governance SEM2 6QQMB313 Module
Corporate Governance SEM2 6SSMN351 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility SEM2 6QQMB302 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility SEM2 6QQMI317 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility SEM2 6SSMN336 Module
Crafting Entrepreneurial Opportunities SEM2 6QQMN308 Module
Credit Ratings SEM2 7SSMM807 Module
Credit Risk and Default Analysis SEM2 7SSMM620 Module
Derivatives and Risk Management SEM1 6QQMN566 Module
Developing Key Finance Competencies SEM1 7QQMM777 Module
Development Economics SEM2 6SSMN968 Module
Digital Consumer Behaviour SEM1 7QQMM532 Module
Digital Marketing (PT) SEM2 7SSMP512 Module
Digital Marketing Communications SEM1 7QQMM531 Module
Digital Marketing NSY 7QQMO512 Module
Digital Marketing SEM1 6SSMN316 Module
Digital Marketing SEM2 6QQMB307 Module
Digital Marketing SEM2 7SSMM512 Module
Digital Marketing SEM2 7QQMM306 Module
Digital Marketing Strategy SEM1 7QQMM530 Module
Dissertation (Corporate Finance) SEM2 7SSMM615 Module
Dissertation SEM2 7SSMM511 Module
Dissertation SEM2 7QQMM310 Module
Dissertation SEM2 7QQME005 Module
Dissertation SEM2 7QQMM536 Module
Dissertation SEM2 7SSMP511 Module
Dissertation SEM2 7SSMM408 Module
Dissertation SEM2 7SSMM110 Module
Dissertation SEM2 7SSMM604 Module
E-Services Marketing NSY 7QQMO519 Module
Econometrics; theory and application SEM1 7QQMM202 Module
Economic Growth SEM2 6SSMN963 Module
Economics of Public Management SEM2 7SSMM402 Module
Economics of Strategy SEM2 5SSMN933 Module
Economics SEM2 4SSMN110 Module
Education and Training Policy and Programmes SEM2 7SSMM407 Module
Emerging Markets Finance SEM2 7QQMM820 Module
Empirical Finance NSY 7QQMO116 Module
Empirical Finance SEM2 7SSMM706 Module
Employment Law SEM1 6SSMN358 Module
Entrepreneurial Family Firms SEM2 6SSMN310 Module
Entrepreneurial Finance SEM1 6SSMN309 Module
Entrepreneurship in Family Business SEM2 7QQMM308 Module
Entrepreneurship in the Social and Sustainable Enterprise SEM2 7QQMM307 Module
Entrepreneurship SEM2 7SSMM115 Module
European Business Context and Corporate Strategies SEM2 7SSMM128 Module
EvaSys dummy SY 7QQMM999 Module
Extended Banking and Finance - introduction SEM1 7QQMM700 Module
Extended Economics and Finance - introduction SEM1 7QQMM702 Module
Extended Finance (Asset Pricing) - introduction SEM1 7QQMM701 Module
Extended Finance Analytics - introduction SEM1 7QQMM703 Module
Finance and Financial Markets SEM1 5QQMN940 Module
Finance, Accounting and Governance SEM1 6SSMI303 Module
Financial Accounting and Reporting SEM1 5SSMN235 Module
Financial Analysis and Valuation SEM1 7SSMM613 Module
Financial Derivatives for Data Analytics SEM2 7QQMM718 Module
Financial Derivatives NSY 7QQMO105 Module
Financial Derivatives SEM2 7QQMM207 Module
Financial Derivatives SEM2 7SSMM704 Module
Financial Econometrics NSY 7QQMO109 Module
Financial Econometrics SEM2 7QQMM208 Module
Financial Econometrics SEM2 7SSMM708 Module
Financial Engineering SEM2 7SSMM805 Module
Financial Management SEM1 7SSMM602 Module
Financial Markets and Institutions SEM1 7SSMM802 Module
Financial Regulation and Governance SEM2 7SSMM711 Module
Financial Reporting and Analysis SEM1 7SSMM600 Module
Financial Statement Analysis SEM1 6QQMB314 Module
Financial Statement Analysis SEM1 7SSMM703 Module
Financial Statement Analysis SEM1 6SSMN352 Module
Financial Statement Analysis SEM2 7SSMM606 Module
Financial Statements NSY 7QQMO104 Module
FinTech Analytics and Robo Trading SEM2 7QQMM816 Module
Fundamentals of Finance SEM1 5QQMB201 Module
Game Theory SEM1 5QQMN213 Module
Games and Information SEM1 6SSMN964 Module
Global Governance and Sustainability SEM2 7SSMM122 Module
Global Tactical Asset Allocation NSY 7QQMO111 Module
Globalisation and Employment SEM1 6SSMN344 Module
Government and Business SEM2 6SSMI307 Module
Government and Business SEM2 5QQMB209 Module
Government and Business SEM2 5SSMN226 Module
Group Project SEM2 6SSMI306 Module
Health Economics SEM1 6SSMN967 Module
Health Policy SEM1 6SSMI305 Module
Health Services Research SEM1 6SSMI304 Module
High Performance and Employee Wellbeing SEM2 7SSMM007 Module
High Tech Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation SEM2 7QQMM309 Module
Human Resource Management and Leadership SEM2 6SSMI301 Module
Human Resource Management SEM1 5SSMN223 Module
Human Resource Management SEM1 6SSMN339 Module
Human Resource Management SEM2 5QQMB200 Module
Industrial Organisation SEM1 5SSMN228 Module
Influencing Consumers SEM2 6QQMN369 Module
Innovation in Public Management SEM1 6QQMN330 Module
Innovative Technologies, Accounting and Finance SEM2 6QQMN564 Module
Institution-based Methods Study SEM2 7QQME006 Module
Intermediate Econometrics SEM2 5QQMN938 Module
Intermediate Macroeconomics SEM2 5QQMB205 Module
Intermediate Macroeconomics SEM2 5SSMN931 Module
Intermediate Microeconomics SEM1 5QQMB204 Module
Intermediate Microeconomics SEM1 5SSMN239 Module
Intermediate Microeconomics TERM1 5SSMN930 Module
International Banking and Finance SEM2 7SSMM127 Module
International Business Negotiations SEM2 7SSMM505 Module
International Business SEM2 5QQMB207 Module
International Business SEM2 5SSMN238 Module
International Business SEM2 6QQMI320 Module
International Business Strategy SEM1 7SSMM101 Module
International Competitiveness, Business Strategy and Innovation SEM1 7QQMM301 Module
International Corporate Governance SEM2 6SSMN362 Module
International e-Services Marketing SEM2 7SSMM504 Module
International Economics SEM2 7QQMM209 Module
International Economics SEM2 5SSMN934 Module
International Finance and Accounting SEM1 7SSMM102 Module
International Finance SEM2 6QQMN969 Module
International Finance SEM2 7QQMM804 Module
International Financial Management SEM2 7SSMM111 Module
International Financial Systems SEM2 6SSMN349 Module
International HRM SEM1 6SSMN348 Module
International Human Resource Management and Employment Relations SEM2 7SSMM008 Module
International Human Resource Management SEM1 6QQMB303 Module
International Human Resource Management SEM1 6QQMI315 Module
International Human Resource Management SEM2 7SSMM118 Module
International Marketing (PT) SEM2 7SSMP500 Module
International Marketing Communication SEM2 7SSMM514 Module
International Marketing Communications (PT) SEM1 7SSMP514 Module
International Marketing NSY 7QQMO500 Module
International Marketing SEM1 7SSMM500 Module
International Marketing SEM1 7SSMM104 Module
International Marketing SEM1 6SSMN354 Module
International Perspectives on Corporate Governance TERM2 7SSMM123 Module
International Trade SEM2 5SSMN936 Module
Internship Analytic Report SEM2 7SSMM413 Module
Internship Module (1 term) SEM2 6QQMN301 Module
Introduction to Analytics in Finance SEM1 7QQMM811 Module
Introduction to Big Data Analytics NSY 7QQMO114 Module
Introduction to Corporate Finance SEM1 5SSMN224 Module
Introduction to Econometrics SEM1 5SSMN932 Module
Introduction to Entrepreneurship SEM1 5SSMN220 Module
Introduction to Entrepreneurship SEM2 5QQMB210 Module
Introduction to Financial Reporting SEM1 4QQMN501 Module
Introduction to Macroeconomics SEM2 4QQMN146 Module
Introduction to Management Accounting SEM2 4QQMN502 Module
Introduction to Management SEM1 4QQMB100 Module
Introduction to Management SEM1 6QQMI311 Module
Introduction to Microeconomics SEM1 4QQMN136 Module
Introduction to Organisational Research Methods SEM1 5QQMN245 Module
Introduction to Statistical Programming NSY 7QQMO113 Module
Investment Analysis SEM1 7SSMM801 Module
Investment Management SEM1 7SSMM612 Module
Investment Management SEM2 6SSMN313 Module
Investments NSY 7QQMO102 Module
Investments SEM1 7SSMM701 Module
Key Issues in Health Policy SEM2 7SSMM409 Module
King's Business School Capstone Project SY 6QQMN303 Module
King's Business School Consultancy Project SEM1 6QQMN320 Module
King's Finance for Strategic Impact SEM2 7SSME004 Module
King's Leadership and People Management NSY 7SSME002 Module
King's Strategic Marketing Management NSY 7QQME007 Module
Labour Economics SEM1 6SSMN346 Module
Law and Management SEM2 5SSMN216 Module
Leadership in Context SEM2 7QQMM130 Module
Leadership in the Public Services SEM1 7SSMM414 Module
Leadership: Theory and Practice SEM1 6QQMB301 Module
Leadership: Theory and Practice SEM1 6SSMN359 Module
Leadership: Theory and Practice SEM1 6QQMI314 Module
Leading and Managing Teams SEM2 5QQMN214 Module
Legal Aspects of Management SEM1 5QQMB203 Module
Legal Aspects of Management SEM1 6QQMI313 Module
Macroeconomics SEM2 5QQMN937 Module
Macroeconomics; understanding mational income, consumption and investment SEM1 7QQMM201 Module
Management Accounting and Control SEM1 7SSMM601 Module
Management Accounting SEM2 5SSMN229 Module
Management in Organisations SEM1 7SSMN416 Module
Managerial Economics and Corporate Decision Making SEM2 7SSMM126 Module
Managerial Economics SEM2 6SSMN318 Module
Managing Diversity and Inclusion SEM2 6QQMI322 Module
Managing Diversity and Inclusion SEM2 6QQMB309 Module
Managing Diversity: Contemporary Issues SEM2 7SSMM006 Module
Managing Extreme Situations: Crises, Corruption and Controversies SEM2 6QQMN327 Module
Marketing Analytics (PT) SEM2 7SSMP518 Module
Marketing Analytics SEM1 6QQMN321 Module
Marketing Analytics SEM2 7SSMM518 Module
Marketing Analytics SEM2 7QQMM537 Module
Marketing and Sustainability SEM2 7SSMM509 Module
Marketing Communications NSY 7QQMO520 Module
Marketing Communications SEM1 6SSMN361 Module
Marketing Communications SEM1 5QQMN219 Module
Marketing SEM2 5SSMN212 Module
Marketing Strategy and Planning (PT) SEM1 7SSMP515 Module
Marketing Strategy and Planning NSY 7QQMO515 Module
Marketing Strategy and Planning SEM2 7SSMM515 Module
Marketing Strategy and Planning SEM2 6SSMN315 Module
Marketing the Experience Economy SEM1 5QQMN218 Module
Marketing Theory and Practice (PT) SEM1 7SSMP502 Module
Marketing Theory and Practice NSY 7QQMO502 Module
Marketing Theory and Practice SEM1 7SSMM502 Module
Marketing, Interaction and Technology TERM2 7SSMM125 Module
Markets, Organisation and Society SEM2 5SSMN221 Module
Mathematics for Accounting and Finance SEM1 4QQMN503 Module
Mathematics for Economists SEM1 4SSMN901 Module
Mergers and Acquisitions 6QQMN373 Module
Mergers and Acquisitions SEM2 7SSMM619 Module
Microeconomics; understanding firms, consumers and industries SEM1 7QQMM200 Module
Monetary Theory and Policy SEM1 6QQMN972 Module
Money and Banking SEM1 6QQMB300 Module
Money and Banking SEM1 6SSMN962 Module
Money, Macroeconomic Policy and the Financial System SEM2 7QQMM205 Module
Neuromarketing SEM2 7QQMM534 Module
Omnichannel Retailing SEM2 7QQMM535 Module
Option Analysis and Valuation SEM2 7SSMM616 Module
Organisation and Management of the Public Services SEM1 7SSMM401 Module
Organisational Behaviour SEM1 4SSMN138 Module
Organisational Behaviour SEM1 4QQMN138 Module
Organisational Change SEM2 6QQMB306 Module
Organisational Change SEM2 6SSMN345 Module
Organisational Change SEM2 6QQMI321 Module
Organisational Research Methods (Qualitative) SEM2 5SSMX240 Module
Organisational Research Methods SEM1, SEM2 5QQMN240 Module
Organisational Research Methods SY 5SSMN240 Module
People Management in the Public Services SEM2 7SSMM406 Module
Political Economy of China SEM2 5QQMN244 Module
Portfolio Management SEM2 7QQMM806 Module
Practical and Theoretical Evaluation of Public Policy: Sustainability Perspective SEM2 7QQMM418 Module
Principles of Behavioural Finance SEM2 7SSMM716 Module
Principles of Economics SEM2 4QQMB102 Module
Principles of Economics SEM2 6QQMI318 Module
Principles of Economics SY 4SSMN136 Module
Principles of Finance SEM1 4QQMN504 Module
Principles of Finance SEM1 7QQMM812 Module
Principles of Finance SEM1 7QQMM203 Module
Principles of Marketing SEM1 5SSMN242 Module
Principles of Marketing SEM2 4QQMN142 Module
Principles of Marketing SEM2 6QQMI319 Module
Principles of Marketing SEM2 4QQMB103 Module
Private Equity and Venture Capital SEM1 6QQMB312 Module
Private Equity and Venture Capital SEM1 6QQMN562 Module
Programming for Accounting and Finance SEM2 4QQMN506 Module
Project SEM2 7SSMM012 Module
Project SY 6SSMN322 Module
Psychology of Entrepreneurship and Innovation SEM2 6QQMB308 Module
Public Economics: Advanced Topics SEM1 6SSMN966 Module
Qualitative Organisational Research Methods SEM2 5QQMN246 Module
Quantitative Data Analytics SEM2 5QQMN247 Module
Quantitative Methods for Finance NSY 7QQMO101 Module
Quantitative Methods for Finance SEM1 7SSMM700 Module
Quantitative Research Methods for Corporate Finance SEM1 7SSMM614 Module
Quantitative Skills Primer NSY 7QQMQSPR Module
Quantitative Techniques SEM1 7SSMM800 Module
Regulation and Accountability in the Public Services SEM1 7SSMM403 Module
Research in Marketing (PT) TERM3 7SSMP516 Module
Research in Marketing NSY 7QQMO516 Module
Research in Marketing SEM1 7QQMM538 Module
Research in Marketing SEM1 7SSMM516 Module
Research Methods in Human Resource Management and Organisational Analysis SEM1 7SSMM002 Module
Research Methods in Public Policy and Management SEM1 7SSMM405 Module
Research Methods SEM1 7SSMM603 Module
Research Methods SEM2 7QQMM304 Module
Research Methods SEM2 7SSMM100 Module
Research Project (online) NSY 7QQMO120 Module
Research Project SEM1, SEM2 7SSMM715 Module
Research Project SEM2 7QQMM210 Module
Research Project SEM2 7SSMM808 Module
Research Project SEM2 7QQMM818 Module
Risk Management SEM2 7SSMM707 Module
Sales and Marketing SEM2 6QQMN324 Module
Services Marketing (PT) SEM1 7SSMP504 Module
Shadow Banking SEM1 7SSMM810 Module
Social Entrepreneurship SEM1 7SSME003 Module
Social Entrepreneurship SEM1 7SSMM416 Module
Social Media and Marketing SEM2 7QQMM533 Module
Social Science & Modern Business SEM1 4SSMN137 Module
Social Science and Modern Business I SEM1 4QQMN137 Module
Social Science and Modern Business II SEM1 4QQMN147 Module
Sociology of Work SEM2 4SSMN139 Module
Statistics for Accounting and Finance SEM2 4QQMN507 Module
Statistics for Economists SEM2 4SSMN902 Module
Strategic Management in Public Services Organisations SEM2 7SSMM415 Module
Strategic Management SEM1 5QQMN260 Module
Strategic Management SEM1 6SSMN360 Module
Strategy and Governance NSY 7SSME001 Module
Strategy, Organisations and Change in Health Care SEM2 6SSMI300 Module
Study Abroad year SY 6QQMN300 Module
Sustainability and Ethics NSY 7QQMO509 Module
Taxation SEM2 6QQMN561 Module
Technology and Corporate Ethnography SEM2 7SSMM124 Module
Technology and Innovation SEM1 5QQMB202 Module
Technology and Innovation SEM1 6QQMI312 Module
Technology and Innovation SEM1 5SSMN215 Module
Technology Strategy SEM2 6SSMN366 Module
Text Analytics and FinTech NSY 7QQMO118 Module
The Business and Financial Context of Management SEM1 7SSMM003 Module
The Economics of Firm Behaviour SEM2 7QQMM204 Module
The Economics of Labour, Education and Health SEM2 7QQMM206 Module
The Evolution of Modern Business SEM2 4QQMN133 Module
The Evolution of Modern Business SEM2 4SSMN133 Module
The Management of Human Resources: Conceptual and Strategic Perspectives SEM1 7SSMM001 Module
The New Workforce: Issues and Challenges SEM2 7SSMM005 Module
The Organisation of the Multinational Firm SEM2 5QQMN225 Module
The Psychology of Entrepreneurship and Innovation SEM2 6SSMI308 Module
The Psychology of Entrepreneurship and Innovation SEM2 5SSMN232 Module
The Public Policy-Making Process SEM1 7SSMM417 Module
The Social Psychology of Financial Markets SEM2 6SSMN365 Module
Topics in Applied Finance SEM2 7SSMM712 Module
Venture Financing SEM1 7QQMM302 Module
Venture Growth SEM1 7QQMM303 Module
Wealth Management NSY 7QQMO110 Module
Web Technologies for Marketing SEM2 7QQMM540 Module
Work and Organisational Psychology SEM2 5SSMN233 Module
Work in Contemporary Society SEM2 4QQMN139 Module
Year in Industry NSY 6QQMN302 Module

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