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Advanced Statistics 7PCSASTA Module
Big Data in Mental Health Research 7PCSBDMH Module
Biological Psychiatry 7PCSBPSY Module
Clinical Placements in Early Intervention in Psychosis 7PCSECPL Module
Clinical Placements in Psychiatric Research 7PCSPRCP Module
Clinical Trials in Psychiatry 7PCSRCTP Module
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 7PCSMCBT Module
Disaster Response: Mental Health, Behaviour and Communication 7PCSMDRE Module
Dissertation - Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology 7PCSORES Module
Early Intervention in Psychosis TMSC1PTEIP Module
Early Intervention in Psychosis TMSC2PTEIP Module
Early Intervention Service Implementation SEM1 7PCSEEIS Module
Horizons in Psychiatric Research 7PCSRDES Module
Introduction to Machine Learning, Big Data and Personalised Medicine 7PCSRADV Module
Introductory Statistics 7PCSISTA Module
Management of Neuropsychiatric Disorders SEM1 7PCSCMAN Module
Managing Mental Capital and Well-being in the Workplace (OPP2) 7PCSMCAP Module
Mental Health in the Community 7PCSFMHC Module
Mental Health in the Workplace (OPP1) 7PCSMMHW Module
Mental Health Studies TMSC2PTMST Module
Mental Health Studies TMSC1PTMST Module
Mind and Brain 7PCSMMAB Module
Neuropsychiatric disorders SEM2 7PCSCDIS Module
Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology TMSC1PTOPP Module
Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology TMSC2PTOPP Module
Organisational Research Methods 7PCSORME Module
Pharmacological Interventions in Early Psychosis SEM2 7PCSEPHA Module
Pharmacotherapies in Mental Health PPAYFPHA Module
Pharmacotherapy 7PCSMPHA Module
Psychiatric Research TMSC2PTPSR Module
Psychiatric Research TCTP2PTPSR Module
Psychiatric Research TMSC1PTPSR Module
Psychiatric Research TCTP1PTPSR Module
Psychological Therapies 7PCSMPSY Module
Psychopharmacology 7PCSRPHA Module
Psychosis Studies Research RDMD3PRCHO Module
Psychosis Studies Research RDPL3PRPCS Module
Psychosis Studies Research RDPL4PRPCS Module
Psychosis Studies Research RDMD2PRCHO Module
Psychosocial Interventions in Early Psychosis SEM2 7PCSEPSY Module
Research Dissertation 7PCSCRES Module
Research Methods and Statistics 7PCSCSTA Module
Research Methods in Early Psychosis SEM1 7PCSERME Module
Research Project in Early Psychosis 7PCSERES Module
Scientific Foundations of Neuropsychiatry SEM1 7PCSCSCI Module
Small Group Tutorials 7PCSMSGT Module
Social and Community Mental Health 7PCSMSCM Module
Strategic Interventions for Psychological Well-being in Organisations (OPP3) 7PCSMOPP Module
Therapeutic Research in Psychiatry 7PCSTHRP Module
Translational Research in Psychiatry 7PCSRTRP Module
Voluntary Clinical Placements 7PCSMVCP Module
Women's Mental Health 7PCSMWMH Module

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