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Addictions Research RDMD2PRADD Module
Addictions Research RDMD3PRADD Module
Advanced Concepts in Military Psychiatry TERM3 7PAGWWAP Module
Affective Disorders TMSC1PTAFD Module
Affective Disorders TMSC2PTAFD Module
An Introduction to Child and Adolescent Mental Health 6PAGTINT Module
Applied Statistical Methods in Psychiatric Epidemiology. TERM2 7PAGRSTA Module
Basic Mental Health TERM1 7PAGMBMH Module
Big Data in Mental Health Research SEM2 7PAGBDMH Module
Brain Behaviour Interface 7PAGRBBI Module
Causes and Correlates of Affective Disorders 7PAGDCAU Module
Challenges in Treating Affective Disorders 7PAGDCHA Module
Civilians and Extreme Trauma: The Impact of Warfare Disasters and Political Repression SEM1 7PCPWCIV Module
Clinical Neuropsychiatry TMSC1PTMSC1P Module
Clinical Neuropsychiatry TMSC2PTMSC1P Module
Clinical Practice 6PAGTCLP Module
Concepts of Psychiatry SEM1 7PAGF18G Module
Dissertation 7PAGMRES Module
Dissertation - War and Psychiatry 7PAGWRES Module
Dissertation Family Therapy 7PAGFRES Module
Introduction to Research Methodology 7PAGMIRM Module
Measurement in Mental Health 7PAGRMMH Module
Mental Health Skills for Non Mental Health Professionals 7PCPAMHS Module
Neuroimaging 7PAGRNEU Module
Personal and Professional Development 6PAGTPPD Module
Psychiatric Genetics 7PAGRPSG Module
Psychiatry Research RDPL4PRPSY Module
Psychological Medicine Research RDMD2PRPAG Module
Psychological Medicine Research RDPL4PRPAG Module
Psychological Medicine Research RDPL3PRPAG Module
Psychological Medicine Research RDMD3PRPAG Module
Research Dissertation - Psychiatric Research 7PAGRRES Module
Research Methods and Statistics for Studying Affective Disorders 7PAGDRES Module
Research Project on Affective Disorders 7PAGDDIS Module
Self-identity and intercultural/intergenerational learning SEM2 7PCPSIIL Module
Social Psychiatry: Theory, Research and Methods TERM2 7PAGRSPT Module
Systemic Practice With Families and Couples 6PAGTSPF Module
The Developing Therapist TERM1 7PAGFTDT Module
Theories Informing Systematic Practice With Families and Couples 6PAGTTHE Module
Understanding Affective Disorders 7PAGDUND Module
War and Psychiatry TMSC2PTWAP Module
War and Psychiatry TMSC1PTWAP Module
War and Psychiatry 7PAGWMIL Module

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