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Child Development SEM1 7PCCCD00 Module
Clinical Practice NSY, TERM1 6PAGTCLP Module
Clinical Skills SEM2 7PCCCSCP Module
Diagnosis, Formulation and Pharmacological, Psychological and Social Interventions SEM2 7PCCDPPC Module
Dissertation - Child and Adolescent Mental Health SEM2 7PACCRES Module
Embedding Evidence into Practice TERM1, TERM2 7PAGFEIP Module
Evidence Base for Major Psychiatric Disorders SEM2 7PACCEVI Module
Presentation Skills SEM1 7PACCCLI Module
Research Skills SEM1 7PACCKNO Module
Service Development and Service Evaluation SEM1 7PCCSDSE Module
Systematic Literature Review SEM1 7PCCLR00 Module
Systemic skills: applications to families, groups and organisations SEM1 7PCCSSAF Module
Systemic Theories Applied SEM1 7PCCSTAP Module

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There are currently no lists linked to this Department.