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Addiction Policies TERM2 7PCAIADP Module
Addiction Treatment and Practice SEM2 7PCAATAP Module
Advanced Addiction Practice SEM2 7PCAAAAP Module
Advanced Clinical Management of Addiction SEM2 7PCAAMAN Module
Alcohol Problems, Policy and Practice SEM2 7PCAAPPP Module
Biological Basis of TH Addictions TERM1 7PCAIINT Module
Contemporary Advances in Evidence-Based Policy, Prevention and Practice SEM2 7PCAACAE Module
Introduction to Addiction Science and Theory SEM1 7PCAAINT Module
Psychopharmacology of Drug Action and Addiction SEM1 7PCAAPSY Module
Public Health Approaches to Addictions TERM2 7PCAIPHA Module
Research Methods, Critical Appraisal and Statistics SEM1 7PCAARME Module
Research Project in Addictions TERM2 7PCAIRES Module
Research Project SEM2 7PCAARES Module
Treatment of Addiction Critical Issues SEM1 7PCAITAC Module
Treatment of Addiction Psychosocial Interventions SEM2 7PCAITAI Module
Treatment of Addictions Pharmacotherapy TERM1 7PCAITAP Module

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