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A1 Fundamental Neuroscience SEM1 7PAMNNA1 Module
A2 Fundamental Neuroscience SEM1, SEM2 7PAMNNA2 Module
A3 Fundamental Neuroscience SEM1, SEM2 7PAMNNA3 Module
B Neuroscience Research SEM2 7PAMNNB1 Module
B1 Psychiatric Genetic Research SEM2 7PAMNB1A Module
B3 Developmental Neurobiology Research SEM2 7PAMNNB3 Module
B4 Neurodegeneration Research SEM2 7PAMNNB4 Module
B5 Neuroimaging Research SEM2 7PAMNNB5 Module
B7 Cognitive Neuroscience Research SEM2 7PAMNNB7 Module
B8 Neural stem cells and nervous system repair SEM2 7PAMNNB8 Module
Biological Foundations of Mental Health NSY 7PAMFBIO Module
C Research Project in Neuroscience NSY 7PAMNNC1 Module
C3 Research Project in Developmental Neurobiology NSY 7PAMNNC3 Module
C4 Research Project in Neurodegeneration NSY 7PAMNNC4 Module
C5 Research Project in Neuroimaging NSY 7PAMNNC5 Module
C6 Brain Networks and Tractography Research SEM2 7PAMNNC6 Module
C7 Research Project in Cognitive Neuroscience SEM2 7PAMNNC7 Module
C8 Research project in neural stem cells and nervous system repair NSY 7PAMNNC8 Module
Contemporary Advances in Neuroscience NSY 7PAMFCAN Module

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