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Epidemiology for Mental Health Research SEM1 7PALEPID Module
Evidence Synthesis in Global Mental Health SEM1 7PALFGMH Module
Global Mental Health Dissertation NSY 7PALGRES Module
Global Mental Health NSY 7PAYFGMH Module
Mental Health Economic Evaluation TERM2 7PALMMEE Module
Qualitative Research: Theory, Methods and Practice TERM2 7PALMQUA Module
Scaling Up Packages of Care for Mental Disorders NSY 7PALGTTP Module
Statistics for Mental Health Research SEM1 7PALSTAT Module
Systematic Review in Mental Health NSY 7PALMSYS Module

Lists linked to Health Services and Population Research

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7PALMMEE: Mental Health Economic Evaluation Rest of university 2021/22 20/05/2021 22:50:30