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A1 Basic Clinical Skills and the CYP IAPT Model SEM2 7PAHYCA1 Module
A2 CYP IAPT CBT for Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents SEM2 7PAHYCA2 Module
A3 CYP IAPT CBT for Depression in Children and Adolescents SEM2 7PAHYCA3 Module
A4 CYP IAPT Parent Training for Conduct Problems SEM2 7PAHYCA4 Module
A5 CYP IAPT Systemic Family Practice Basic Skills TERM1 7PAHYCA5 Module
A6 CYP IAPT Systemic Family Practice Eating Disord TERM2 7PAHYCA6 Module
A7 CYP IAPT Systemic Family Practice Conduct Disor TERM2 7PAHYCA7 Module
A8 CYP IAPT Systemic Family Practice Depression An TERM2 7PAHYCA8 Module
Abnormal Psychology 6PAHPBM2 Module
Academic Teaching Apprenticeship SEM1 6PAHPAPP Module
Accreditation Portfolio 7PAHBACP Module
Addiction SEM2 6PAHPADD Module
Addressing Problems 4PAHPADD Module
Advanced Graduate Attributes 6PAHPAGA Module
Application of CYP-IAPT Principles in the CWP Model 7PAHYPS2 Module
Applications of Judgment and Decision Making 6PAHPJDM Module
Applied Performance Psychology SEM2 6ZZZAPPS Module
Assessment and Case Selection 7PAHYPS4 Module
Basic and Advanced Research Methods and Statistics SEM1 7PAHHRMS Module
Behavioural Genetics SEM2 6PAHPBEH Module
CBT Informed and Carer Supportive Practice in Psyc UGDP2PSCP Module
CBT Informed and Carer Supportive Practice in Psyc UGCT1PSCP Module
Child and Young Person IAPT Supervision TCTP1PTCYS Module
Child and Young Person IAPT Therapy TDPP2PTCIT Module
Child and Young Person IAPT Therapy TDPP1PTCIT Module
Child and Young Person IAPT Therapy Non-Award TCDT1PTCIT Module
Choices: Agency, Autonomy and Addiction SEM1 5PAHPGEN Module
Clinical Applications of Learning Theory SEM1 6PAHPTRA Module
Clinical Neurodevelopmental Science SEM1 6PAHPCNS Module
Clinical Psychology SEM2 5PAHPCLN Module
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Anxiety Disorders 7PAHBCAD Module
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Depression 7PAHBCBD Module
Cognitive Behavioural Therapies TDPP1PTCBT Module
Cognitive Behavioural Therapies TDPP2PTCBT Module
Cognitive Behavioural Therapies for Chldn and Adls TDPP1PTCAD Module
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychosis TDPP2PTCTP Module
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychosis TDPP1PTCTP Module
Cognitive-Behavioural Therapies TCTP1PTCBT Module
Common Problems and Processes in Education Settings 7PAHYPW5 Module
Community Psychology15 6PAHPCOM Module
Contemporary Issues in Neuroscience SEM2 5PAHPBIO Module
Cyp Iapt Clinical Supervision Module 2 7PAHYSP2 Module
Cyp Iapt Clinical Supervision Module 3 7PAHYSP3 Module
CYP IAPT: Autism Spectrum Disorders and Learning Disabilities 7PAHYCB4 Module
CYP IAPT: Clinical Supervision Module 1 7PAHYSUP Module
CYP IAPT: Combination Therapy 7PAHYCB1 Module
CYP IAPT: Counselling 7PAHYCB2 Module
CYP IAPT: Under 5s 7PAHYCB3 Module
CYP Psychological Wellbeing Practice TCTP1PTPWP Module
CYP-WP Service Development and Supervision TCTP1PTCWS Module
Distorted Worlds: Variability in Memory and Perception SEM1 5PAHPSHP Module
Doctor in Clinical Psychology RDCP3PRPSC Module
Economic Psychology SEM2 6PAHPTBB Module
Education Mental Health Practice TDPP1PTEMHP Module
Evidence-Based Interventions: Theory and Skills 7PAHYPW3 Module
Extended Essay 6PAHPEXT Module
Extra Mural Year 5PAHPEMY Module
Foundation Graduate Attributes 4PAHPFGA Module
Fundamental Skills: Assessment and Engagement 7PAHYPW2 Module
Fundamental Skills: Children and Young People's Mental Health Settings: Context and Values 7PAHYPW1 Module
Fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies SEM1 7PAHBFCB Module
GC1 Advanced Engagement Skills 6PAHGGC1 Module
GC2 Specific Interventions 6PAHGGC2 Module
GC3 - Specific Interventions for Voices and Delusions 6PAHGGC3 Module
Global Mental Health Foundations SEM1 6PAHPCHI Module
Health and Illness Psychology 6PAHPBM1 Module
Health Psychology TMSC1PTHPC Module
Health Psychology in Action and Professional Development SEM2 7PAHHLIN Module
Health-Related Behaviours, Cognition and Emotions SEM1 7PAHHHRB Module
Inspirational Research 4PAHPISP Module
Intermediate Graduate Attributes 5PAHPIGA Module
Internship 5PAHPINT Module
Interventions for Emerging Mental Health Difficulties in Education Settings 7PAHYPW6 Module
Introduction to Forensic Psychology SEM2 6PAHPMNE Module
Introduction to Psychology 7PAHI2PS Module
Introduction to Psychology SEM2 4PAHI2PS Module
Introduction to Psychology: Understanding Human Behaviour SEM2 4PAH1001 Module
Key Studies in Cognitive Science (Semester 2) 5PAHKSCS Module
Mindfulness: Neuroscience and Clinical Application TMSC1PTMNC Module
Neurodegenerative Disorders and Mechanisms SEM2 6PAHPMEC Module
Neurodevelopmetal Disorders: genetic, neurocognitive and developmental approaches 6PAHPGND Module
Occupational Psychology SEM2 6PAHPWOR Module
Professional Placement 5PAHPPLY Module
Psychological Foundations of Mental Health 7PAHFPSY Module
Psychological Skills SEM2 5PAHPPSY Module
Psychology UBSH1PIPY Module
Psychology UBSH3PSPN Module
Psychology Academic Research RDPL4PRPAH Module
Psychology Academic Research RDPL3PRPAH Module
Psychology and Development SEM2 4PAHPDEV Module
Psychology and Health Care Delivery SEM2 7PAHHHCD Module
Psychology and Society SEM1 4PAHPSOP Module
Psychology and the Brain SEM1 4PAHPBIO Module
Psychology and the Individual SEM2 4PAHPDFF Module
Psychology of Human Performance and Expertise SEM2 5PAH0333 Module
Psychology Research RDMD3PRSYC Module
Psychology Research RDMD2PRSYC Module
Psychology with Professional Placement Year UBSH3PSWP Module
Psychology with Year Abroad UBSH3PSPNY Module
Psychosis: prevention, diagnosis and treatment SEM1 6PAHPPSN Module
Psychosocial Factors in Chronic Illness and Disability SEM1 7PAHHCID Module
Research Methods 1 SEM1 4PAHPRM1 Module
Research Methods 2 SEM2 4PAHPRM2 Module
Research Methods 3 SEM1 5PAHPRM3 Module
Research Methods 4 SEM2 5PAHPRM4 Module
Research Project 6PAHPRES Module
Research Project SEM1 7PAHHRES Module
Supervised Practice in CBT for Psychosis SEM1 7PAHDCC5 Module
Supervised Practice in CBT Informed and Carer Supportive Interventions in Psychosis 6PAHGGC5 Module
Supervision Training and Dissemination in CBT for Psychosis SEM2 7PAHDCC6 Module
Supervisory Practice in Cognitive Behavioural Ther TCTP1PTSPB Module
Supervisory Practice in Cognitive Behavioural Ther TCTP1PTSPP Module
The CWP Intervention Model 7PAHYPS3 Module
The CWP Service Model 7PAHYPS1 Module
The Origins of Individual Differences SEM1 5PAHPIDP Module
The Use and Abuse of Evidence in Psychology SEM1 6PAHPUAE Module
Theoretical Background to Cognitive Behavioural Th TCTP1PTPCB Module
Theoretical Background to Family Interventions in TCTP1PTBFI Module
Theory into Practice I (specify pathway) SEM1 7PAHDCC3 Module
Theory into Practice II (specify pathway) SEM2 7PAHDCC4 Module
Therapy Skills I: Assessment and Formulation SEM1 7PAHDCC1 Module
Therapy Skills II: Intervention and Supervised Practice SEM2 7PAHDCC2 Module
Therapy Skills in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Fo TCTP1PTSCB Module
Therapy Skills in Family Interventions in Psychosi TCTP1PTTFI Module
Topics in the Interdisciplinary Study of Consciousness SEM2 6PAHPTOP Module
War and the Mind SEM2 6PAHPWAR Module
Women's Mental Health SEM1 6PAHPBRA Module

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