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B1 Psychiatric Genetic Research 7PAMNB1A Module
C1 Research Project in Psychiatric Genetics 7PAMNC1A Module
Developmental Psychology and Psychopathology TMSC1PTDPS Module
Dissertation project SEM2 7PADDDIS Module
Genes, Environment and Development TMSC1PTGED Module
Genes, Environment and Development in Psychology TMSC1PTGPP Module
Genetics Research RDPL3PRPAD Module
Genetics Research RDPL4PRPAD Module
Genome Wide Association Analysis SEM2 7PADDGWA Module
Introduction to Genes, Environment and Development SEM1 7PADGGA1 Module
Introduction To Statistics SEM1 7PADDGST Module
Molecular Genetics Research Methods SEM1 7PADDMGE Module
Placements SEM2 7PADDPLA Module
Psychological Approaches to Treatment SEM2 7PADDPAT Module
Psychology and Psychopathology SEM2 7PADGGA3 Module
Research Methods in Infants and Children 7PADDRIC Module
Research Methods SEM1 7PADGGA2 Module
Research Project SEM2 7PADGGB1 Module
Research Skills: Analysis and reporting 7PAYFRAR Module
Research Skills: from Methods and Procedures to Analysis and Reporting 7PADMPAR Module
Research Skills: from Research Ethics to Reviewing and Critical Analysis 7PADRERC Module
Research Skills: Methods and Procedures 7PAYFRMP Module
Research Skills: Research Integrity and Ethics 7PAYFRIE Module
Research Skills: Reviewing and Critical Analysis 7PAYFRCA Module
Research Skills: Synoptic Project 1 7PADSPR1 Module
Research Skills: Synoptic Project II 7PADSPII Module
SGDP Dissertation 7PADSRES Module
Social Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry TMSC1PTSGP Module
Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Resea RDMD2PRSGP Module
Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Resea RDMD3PRSGP Module
Social, Genetic and Environmental Foundations of Mental Health 7PADFSOC Module
Twin Model Fitting Analysis SEM1 7PADDTMF Module

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