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Basic Statistics for Dental Public Health SEM2 7NNNPH08 Module
Introduction to Dental Public Health SEM1 7NNNPH01 Module
Module 1: Microbiology and Microbial Diversity NSY 7NNNMHD1 Module
Module 1: Tissue Engineering and Research Methodology NSY 7NNNTEI1 Module
Module 2: Innovation Technology SEM1 7NNNTEI2 Module
Module 2: Microbiome Analysis NSY 7NNNMHD2 Module
Module 3: Systems and Synthetic Biology NSY 7NNNMHD3 Module
Module 4: MRes TEB Research project NSY 7NNNTEI4 Module
Module 4: The Human Microbiome and Dysbiosis NSY 7NNNMHD4 Module
Module 5: Research Project NSY 7NNNMHD5 Module
Oral Health Promotion and Oral Disease Prevention SEM2 7NNNPH05 Module
Orthodontics Part 1: Science of Orthodontics NSY 7NODDD01 Module
Orthodontics Part 2: Clinical Orthodontic Theory NSY 7NODDD02 Module
Orthodontics Part 3: Clinical NSY 7NODDD03 Module
Orthodontics Part 4: Research NSY 7NODDD04 Module
Orthodontics: Advanced Clinical Training NSY 7NNNDD06 Module
Planning and Evaluation for Oral Health SEM2 7NNNPH06 Module
Principles of Epidemiology SEM1 7NNNPH02 Module
Research Methods for Dental Public Health SEM1 7NNNPH03 Module
Research Project in Dental Public Health SY 7NNNPH07 Module
Special Care Dentistry: advanced clinical training NSY 7NNNTSSD Module
Tissue Engineering and Biophotonics Research Training (Module 3) SY 7NNNTEI3 Module

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