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Advanced Analytical Toxicology SEM2 7BBFA009 Module
Analytical Chemistry for Forensic Science and Toxicology SEM1 7MRFFS01 Module
Analytical Techniques and Numerical Methods for Analytical Toxicologists SEM1 7BBPM026 Module
Analytical Toxicology Research Project TERM3 7BBFA010 Module
Basic Epidemiology and Statistics for Public Health SEM1 7MHPH108 Module
Biochemical Toxicology SEM1 7BBFA007 Module
Clinical and Forensic Toxicology SEM2 7BBFA008 Module
Clinical Education in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy NSY 7MPTM005 Module
Clinical General Practice SY 6PALPCGP Module
Conflict and Health SEM2 7MRLGH14 Module
Contemporary Pain Management SEM1 7MPTM003 Module
Dissertation in Global Health with Conflict and Security SY 7MRLGH05 Module
Dissertation in Global Health with Disasters and Adaptation SY 7MRLGH06 Module
Dissertation in Global Health with Global Health Professions Education SY 7MRLGH11 Module
Dissertation in Global Health with Global Surgery SY 7MRLGH12 Module
Evidence, Knowledge Management and Implementation in Public Health NSY 7MRHPH10 Module
Forensic Biology SEM2 7BBFM128 Module
Forensic Genetics SEM1 7BBPM027 Module
Forensic Project TERM3 7BBFM129 Module
Forensic Science Research Project (Extended) NSY 7BBFM130 Module
Further Epidemiology and Statistics for Public Health SEM2 7MHPH109 Module
Global Burden of Disease SEM1 7MRLGH01 Module
Global Health in Local Practice SEM2 7MRLGH13 Module
Global Health NSY 7MRHPH08 Module
Global Health Professions Education SEM1 7MRLGH09 Module
Global Public Health SEM2 7MHPH019 Module
Global Surgery SY 7MRLGH07 Module
Health Economics for Public Health NSY 7MRHPH09 Module
Health Economics SEM1 7MHPH010 Module
Health Improvement NSY 7MRHPH04 Module
Health Inequality SEM2 6PALPCHI Module
Health Promotion and Health Improvement SEM2 7MHPH014 Module
Health Protection NSY 7MRHPH03 Module
Health Psychology for Public Health NSY 7MRHPH07 Module
Health Systems and Policy SEM2 7MRLGH02 Module
Healthcare Public Health SEM2 7MRH0025 Module
International Development and Health SEM1 7MRLGH03 Module
Introduction to Primary Care SEM1 6PALPCIT Module
Leadership and Management in Organisations NSY 7MRHPH05 Module
Leadership, Management and Quality in Primary Care SY 6PALPCMQ Module
Physiotherapy Practice in the Lower Quadrant SEM2 7MPTM004 Module
Physiotherapy Practice in the Upper Quadrant SEM2 7MPTM006 Module
Population Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics NSY 7MRHPH02 Module
Public Health and Primary Care Dissertation NSY 7MHPH003 Module
Public Health Interventions and Evaluation NSY 7MRHPH11 Module
Public Health Principles and Practices NSY 7MRHPH01 Module
Quantitative Research Methods and Further Epidemiology and Biostatistics NSY 7MRHPH12 Module
Research Methodology in Global Health SEM1 7MRLGH04 Module
Research Methods in Health SEM1 7MPTM001 Module
Research Methods SEM1 6PALPCRM Module
Research Project in Primary Care SY 6PALPCRP Module
Research Project in Rehabilitation and Health SY 7MPTM007 Module
Social Research for Public Health NSY 7MRHPH13 Module
Social Research Methods for Public Health SEM1 7MHPH021 Module
Sociology for Public Health NSY 7MRHPH06 Module
Sociology of Health and Illness SEM1 7MHPH007 Module
Teaching in Primary Care SEM2 6PALPCTT Module
The Chemistry of Drugs and Explosives SEM2 7BBFM127 Module
The Forensic Process SEM1, TERM2 7BBFM126 Module

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