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Advanced Paediatric Research Project NSY 7MRA0010 Module
Advanced Vascular Ultrasound SY 7MWOUL14 Module
Clinical Haematology SEM1 7MRA00 Module
Commercialization of Cellular Therapies SEM2 7MRWCT02 Module
Ethics and Child Health SEM2 7MRA0004 Module
Fundamentals of Ultrasound Practice NSY 7MWOUL01 Module
Fundamentals of Women and Children's Health SEM1 7MRWWC01 Module
Further Negotiated Learning with Clinical Proficiency in Ultrasound SY 7MWOUL17 Module
General Medical Ultrasound SEM1, SEM2 7MWOUL03 Module
International Child Health SEM2 7MRA0002 Module
Kings Diabetic Foot Module: Principles & Practice (Credit) NSY 7MLS1502 Module
Kings Diabetic Foot Module: Principles & Practice (Non Credit) NSY 7MLS0C02 Module
Leadership and Professional Development NSY 7MRA0006 Module
Medical Education in Paediatrics SEM2 7MRA0015 Module
Metabolic Surgery for treating type 2 Diabetes and Obesity: principles and practice (Credit) NSY 7MLS1501 Module
Metabolic Surgery for treating type 2 Diabetes and Obesity: principles and practice (Non Credit) NSY 7MLS0C01 Module
Negotiated Learning in Medical Ultrasound NSY, SY 7MWOUL15 Module
Negotiated Learning With Clinical Proficiency in Ultrasound SY 7MWOUL16 Module
Neonatal Medicine SEM1 7MRA0009 Module
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ultrasound NSY 7MWOUL02 Module
Paediatric Cardiology SEM1 7MRA0011 Module
Paediatric Critical Care SEM1 7MRA0012 Module
Paediatric Hepatology, Nephrology and Gastroenterology SEM1 7MRA0008 Module
Paediatric Mental Health SEM1 7MRA0016 Module
Paediatric Research: Methods, Statistical Application and Governance SEM1 7MRA0001 Module
Paediatric Respiratory and Allergy SEM1 7MRA0007 Module
Perinatal Mental Health SEM1 6MRW0304 Module
Research Methodology SY 7MWOULO4 Module
Research project in Womens and Children's Health SEM2 7MRWWC03 Module
Research Project NSY 7MWOUL05 Module
Scientific and Clinical Research Skills in Practice SY 7MRWWC02 Module
Service Delivery and Management SEM2 7MRA0003 Module
Stem Cells in Cellular Therapies and Regenerative Medicine SEM2 7MRWCT01 Module
The Essential Knowledge for Obstetric Medicine SEM2 7MLS0001 Module
Ultrasound in Emergency and Critical Care SY 7MWOUL12 Module
Ultrasound in Fetal and Maternal Medicine SY 7MWOUL13 Module
Vascular Ultrasound NSY 7MWOUL07 Module

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