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Advanced Analytical Techniques, Numerical Methods and Regulatory Affairs SEM1 7BBPM025 Module
Advanced Clinical Pharmacology TERM1, TERM2 7BBM0006 Module
Advanced Separation Science Quality Control and Regulatory Matters TERM2 7BBPM016 Module
Biological and Advanced Therapies SEM2 7BBP0014 Module
Biopharmaceutical: Development SEM2 7BBPM012 Module
Biopharmaceuticals: Discovery TERM2 7BBPM013 Module
Cellular Therapies in Immunology SEM1 7MRCCT01 Module
Clinical Drug Development SEM1, SEM2 7BBP0005 Module
Core Analytical Science SEM1 7BBPM024 Module
Design and Evaluation of Medicines for Human Use SEM1 7BBP0015 Module
Dissertation on business strategy development for cellular therapy SEM2 7MRCCT02 Module
Drug Delivery: Liquid Dosage Forms and Microbiology TERM2 7BBPM018 Module
Drug Delivery: Solid Dosage Forms TERM2 7BBPM017 Module
Drug Development Pharmacology NSY, TERM3 7BBM0013 Module
Drug Development Statistics and Data Management SEM1, SEM2 7MMM0004 Module
Drug Discovery and Development SEM1 7BBP0001 Module
Drug Regulatory Affairs NSY 7BBP0007 Module
Drug Safety and Ethics SEM2 7BBP0011 Module
Ethics and Professionalism SEM2 7MCS0001 Module
Exploratory Drug Development SEM1 7MMM0003 Module
Fundamentals of Translational Cancer Medicine SEM2 7MMOC003 Module
Healthcare Market Place NSY 7BBP0010 Module
Paediatric Pharmaceutical Care SY, TERM2, TERM3 7BBPP013 Module
Pharmacoepidemiology and Global Affairs SEM2 7MCS0003 Module
Practical Clinical Pharmacology NSY 7MMM0008 Module
Practical Medical Affairs SEM2 7MCS0004 Module
Practice Certificate in Independent Prescribing TERM1, TERM2, TERM3 7BBPM022 Module
Preclinical Science, SEM1, SEM2 7BBP0002 Module
Principles of Drug Delivery and Drug Disposition SEM1 7BBPM010 Module
Principles of Medical Affairs SEM2 7MCS0002 Module
Principles of Pharmaceutical Analysis 7BBPM015 Module
Research Project NSY 7BBPM014 Module
Theoretical and Practical Pharmacokinetics SEM2 7MMM0009 Module
Translational Cancer Medicine Laboratory Rotation 1 SEM2 7MMOC001 Module
Translational Cancer Medicine Laboratory Rotation 2 NSY 7MMOC002 Module

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