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Aerospace and Environmental Physiology SEM1, TERM2 7BBLM006 Module
Aerospace Physiology TERM1 7BBLM010 Module
Basic Aerospace Medicine (Australia) SEM2 7MBMM003 Module
Basic Aerospace Medicine (Qatar) SEM2 7MBMM004 Module
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology from Rest to Exhaustive Exercise TERM1 7BBLM004 Module
Clinical and Commercial Aerospace Medicine SEM2 7BBLM019 Module
Clinical Dermatology NSY 7MJDER02 Module
Exercise Biology SY 4BBY1001 Module
Library Project in Human and Applied Physiology NSY 7BBLM008 Module
Molecular Biophysics Research Project NSY 7BBBM111 Module
Operational Aerospace Medicine NSY 7BBLM018 Module
Principles of Advanced Biophysical Techniques (MRes) SEM1 7BBBM110 Module
Research Project in Aerospace Medicine TERM3 7BBLM013 Module
Research Project in Human and Applied Physiology NSY 7BBLM009 Module
Research Project NSY 7MJDER04 Module
Skeletal Muscle Function and Plasticity from Movement to Molecules TERM1 7BBLM005 Module
Sports, Exercise, Health and Medicine I SEM1 4BBY1002 Module
Theoretical Dermatology NSY 7MJDER01 Module

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