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Academic Expression and Critical Thinking SY 0LEC30EX Module
Business and Society SY 0LEC30BS Module
Business Management SY 0LEC105F Module
Culture and Society SY 0LEC30CS Module
Economics SY 0LEC117F Module
EKIF English for Academic Purposes SEM1 0LECEKAP Module
English for Academic Purposes SY 0LEC30EA Module
English for Scientific Academic Purposes SY 0LEC30ES Module
International Relations SY 0LEC109F Module
Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering SY 0CCS0CSE Module
King's Foundations Transition Week SEM1 0LECKFTW Module
Liberal Arts SY 0LEC115F Module
Mathematics For Natural Sciences SY 0CCY1016 Module
Mathematics for Social Sciences SY 0LEC118F Module
Physics Foundation SY 0CCY1015 Module
Politics SY 0LEC119F Module
Science and Society SY 0LEC30SS Module
Social Sciences SY 0LEC120F Module

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