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Dissertation SY 7FFLJ913 Module
Economics of Articles 101 and 102 SY 7FFLJ911 Module
EU Competition Law Procedure SY 7FFLJ906 Module
Foundations of the Economics of Competition Law SY 7FFLJ910 Module
French and German Copyright Law EU and International Copyright Law SY 7FFLJ909 Module
Internal Market 2 and Substantive Policies 1 SY 7FFLJ902 Module
Introduction to Internal Market 1 SY 7FFLJ901 Module
Merger Analysis, State Aid and Empirical Analysis SY 7FFLJ912 Module
Practical Application of EU Competition Law SY 7FFLJ905 Module
Principles of EU Competition Law SY 7FFLJ904 Module
Substantive Policies 2 and Procedural Aspects SY 7FFLJ903 Module
UK Copyright Law 1 SY 7FFLJ907 Module
UK Copyright Law 2 and US Copyright Law SY 7FFLJ908 Module

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