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Advanced Mechanics SEM1 6CCYB050 Module
Applied Finite Elements SEM2 6CCYB060 Module
BEng Research Project SY 6CCYB070 Module
Bioelectricity SEM2 6CCYB065 Module
Biomechanics and Neurorehabilitation SEM2 6CCYB067 Module
Biomedical Engineering Professional Issues SEM2 5CCYB090 Module
Computational Applied Biomathematics SEM1 5CCYB080 Module
Computational Methods SY 5CCYB070 Module
Computational Statistics SEM2 4CCYB090 Module
Computer Programming SEM1 4CCYB040 Module
Electrical Engineering I SEM2 4CCYB020 Module
Electromagnetism SEM1 5CCYB010 Module
Extended Research Group Project in Healthcare Technologies SY 7CCYB060 Module
Individual Research Project in Healthcare Technologies SY 7CCYB070 Module
Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology SEM1 4CCYB010 Module
Introduction to Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering SEM2 5CCYB060 Module
Machine Learning for Biomedical Applications SEM1 6CCYB064 Module
Mathematics for Biomedical Engineering SEM1 4CCYB061 Module
Mechanics for Biomedical Engineering SEM2 4CCYB062 Module
Mechatronics SEM1 6CCYB080 Module
Medical Imaging SEM1 6CCYB020 Module
Modelling Flow and Transport SEM2 6CCYB030 Module
Molecular and Cell Biology for Biomedical Engineers SEM1 6CCYB068 Module
Object-Oriented Programming SEM2 5CCYB041 Module
Physics for Biomedical Engineering SEM1 4CCYB050 Module
Signal and Image Processing SEM2 5CCYB050 Module
Signals and Systems SEM1 5CCYB020 Module

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