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Advanced Mechanics SEM2 6CCS3AME Module
Advanced Research Topics SEM1 7CCSMART Module
Agent-Based Modelling in Finance SEM2 7CCSMAMF Module
Agents and Multi-Agent Systems SEM1 7CCSMAMS Module
Agents and Multi-Agent Systems SEM1 6CCS3AMS Module
Agile Software Performance Engineering in Industrial Practice SEM2 6CCS3SPE Module
Algorithms for the World Wide Web and Social Networks_Algorithmic Issues in the World Wide Web 6CCS3WSN_7CCSMWAL Module
Artificial Intelligence Planning SEM1 7CCSMAIP Module
Artificial intelligence planning SEM1 6CCS3AIP Module
Artificial Intelligence Reasoning and Decision Making SEM1 6CCS3AIN Module
Artificial Intelligence SEM1 7CCSMAIN Module
Big Data technologies - Online NSY 7CCSONBD Module
Big Data Technologies SEM2 7CCSMBDT Module
Case Studies in Finance SEM2 7CCSMIEF Module
Client-Centred Engineering Group Project SEM2 6CCS3CCE Module
Compilers and Formal Languages SEM1 6CCS3CFL Module
Computational Models SEM2 6CCS3COM Module
Computer Forensics and Cybercrime - Online NSY 7CCSONCF Module
Computer Forensics and Cybercrime SEM2 7CCSMCFC Module
Computer Graphics Systems SEM1 6CCS3GRS Module
Computer Programming for Data Scientists SEM1 7CCSMCMP Module
Computer Systems SEM1 4CCS1CS1 Module
Computer Vision 6CCS3COV_7CCSMCVI Module
Computer Vision SEM1 6CCS3COV Module
Computer Vision SEM1 7CCSMCVI Module
Cryptography NSY 7CCSONCR Module
Cryptography SEM1 6CCS3CIS Module
Cryptography SEM1 7CCSMCIS Module
Data Mining SEM2 7CCSMDM1 Module
Data Structures SEM2 4CCS1DST Module
Database Systems SEM2 4CCS1DBS Module
Database Technology SEM1 7CCSMDBT Module
Databases, data warehousing and information retrieval SEM1 7CCSMDDW Module
Design It, Build It, Sell It Group Project SEM1 6CCS3DBS Module
Digital Signal Processing SEM1 6CCS3DSP Module
Distributed ledgers and crypto-currencies SEM2 7CCSMDLC Module
Distributed Ledgers and Cryptocurrencies NSY 7CCSONDL Module
Distributed Systems SEM2 6CCS3DSM Module
Distributed Systems SEM2 7CCSMDSM Module
Elementary Logic With Applications SEM1 4CCS1ELA Module
Empowerment Group Project SEM1 5CCS2EMP Module
Extra-Mural Year SY 5CCS2EMY Module
Formal Verification SEM1 6CCS3VER Module
Foundations of Computing 1 SEM1 4CCS1FC1 Module
Foundations of Computing 2 SEM1 5CCS2FC2 Module
Group Project SY 7CCSMGPR Module
High-Frequency Finance SEM2 7CCSMHFF Module
Human-Computer Interaction SEM1 6CCS3HCI Module
Individual Project SY 6CCS3PRJ Module
Information Security SEM2 6CCS3NSE Module
Internet Systems SEM1 5CCS2INS Module
Internet Systems SEM1 6CCS3INS Module
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence SEM2 5CCS2INT Module
Introduction to Professional Practice SEM1 4CCS1IPP Module
Introduction to Software Engineering SEM2 4CCS1ISE Module
Machine Learning SEM2 6CCS3ML1 Module
Model-Driven Development SEM2 7CCSMMDD Module
Model-driven Engineering SEM2 6CCS3MDE Module
MSc Individual Project NSY 7CCSMPRJ Module
MSci Individual Project SY 7CCS4PRJ Module
Network Security - Online NSY 7CCSONNS Module
Network Security SEM2 7CCSMNSE Module
Operating Systems and Concurrency SEM2 5CCS2OSC Module
Optimization Methods SEM2 7CCSMOME Module
Optimization Methods SEM2 6CCS3OME Module
Parallel Algorithms SEM1 6CCS3PAL Module
Parallel and Distributed Algorithms SEM1 7CCSMPDA Module
Pattern Recognition SEM2 6CCS3PRE Module
Pattern Recognition, Neural Networks and Deep Learning SEM2 7CCSMPNN Module
Philosophy and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence SEM1 7CCSMEAI Module
Practical Experiences of Programming SEM1 5CCS2PEP Module
Programming Language Design Paradigms SEM2 5CCS2PLD Module
Programming Practice and Applications SY 4CCS1PPA Module
Quantitative Methods in Finance SEM1 7CCSMQMF Module
Real Time Systems and Control 6CCS3RSC_7CCSMRTS Module
Remote Working and Studying SY 7CCSMRWS Module
Remote Working and Studying SY 4CCS1RWS Module
Research Skills: Analysis and Reporting - Online NSY 7CCSONAR Module
Research Skills: Information Ethics NSY 7CCSONIE Module
Research Skills: Research Methodologies NSY 7CCSONRM Module
Research Skills: Reviewing and Critical Appraisal - Online NSY 7CCSONCA Module
Robotics SEM1 6CCS3RBT Module
Robotics Systems 6CCS3ROS_7CCSMROB Module
Scientific Computing for Finance SEM1 7CCSMSCF Module
Security Engineering NSY 7CCSONSE Module
Security Engineering SEM1 7CCSMSEN Module
Security Management NSY 7CCSONSM Module
Security Management SEM1 7CCSMSEM Module
Security Testing - Online NSY 7CCSONST Module
Security Testing SEM2 7CCSMSCT Module
Sensors and Actuators 6CCS3SEA_7CCSMSAI Module
Simulation and Data Visualisation SEM2 7CCSMSDV Module
Software Architecture and Design 6CCS3SAD_7CCSMDAS Module
Software Architecture and Design SEM2 6CCS3SAD Module
Software Engineering Group Project SY 5CCS2SEG Module
Software Measurement and Testing SEM1 7CCSMASE Module
Software Measurement and Testing SEM1 6CCS3SMT Module
Software-Engineering and Underlying Technology for Financial Systems SEM2 7CCSMSUF Module
Study Abroad Year SY 5CCS2STA Module
Text Searching and Processing SEM2 7CCSMTSP Module
Web Infrastructure SEM1 7CCSMWIN Module
Year In Industry SY 5CCS2YII Module

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