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Advanced Analytical Chemistry SEM1 6CCC0025 Module
Advanced Chemistry for Life Sciences SEM1 5CCC2010 Module
Advanced Topics in Chemistry 1 SEM2 6CCC0080 Module
Advanced Topics in Chemistry 2 SEM2 6CCC0085 Module
Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry SEM2 6CCC0030 Module
Advanced Topics in Synthesis and Reactivity SEM1 6CCC0010 Module
Catalysis SEM1 6CCC0020 Module
Chemistry Frontiers SEM1 7CCC0080 Module
Chemistry in Cells SEM1 5CCC0060 Module
Chemistry Professional Placement Report SY 5CCC0095 Module
General Chemistry SEM1 4CCC0060 Module
Inorganic Chemistry 2 SEM1 5CCC0020 Module
Inorganic Chemistry SEM1 4CCC0020 Module
Integrated Chemical Laboratory 4 SEM2 5CCC0051 Module
Integrated Chemistry Laboratory 1 SEM1 4CCC0050 Module
Integrated Chemistry Laboratory 2 SEM2 4CCC0055 Module
Integrated Chemistry Laboratory 3 SEM1 5CCC0050 Module
Mathematics for Chemists SEM2 4CCC0040 Module
Molecular Biology in Chemistry SEM2 6CCC0065 Module
Nano-scale and extended systems SEM2 5CCC0075 Module
Organic Chemistry 1 SEM1 4CCC0010 Module
Organic Chemistry 2 SEM2 4CCC0015 Module
Organic Chemistry 3 SEM2 5CCC0010 Module
Physical Chemistry 1 SEM2 4CCC0030 Module
Physical Chemistry 2 SEM1 5CCC0035 Module
Physical Chemistry 3 SEM2 5CCC0030 Module
Research Methods Literature SEM1 6CCC0052 Module
Research Methods Practical SEM1 6CCC0051 Module
Research Methods SY 6CCC0150 Module
Research Project and Dissertation SY 7CCC0050 Module
The Chemistry of Disease and Therapy SEM2 6CCC0060 Module

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