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An interdisciplinary approach to gender, sex and sexuality SEM2 6BYN3011 Module
Behavioural Science SEM1 6BBA3320 Module
Cell Biology and Neuroscience SEM1 4BBY1030 Module
Cellular and Systems Neuroscience SEM1 6BBYN304 Module
Experimental Topics in Neuroscience SEM2 6BBYN303 Module
Imaging the Brain, Reading the Mind SEM1 6BYN3010 Module
Laboratory Research Project in Neuroscience NSY 6BBYN306 Module
Memory Mechanisms in Health and Disease SEM1 6BBYN309 Module
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience SEM2 5BYN2001 Module
Neuroscience SY 5BBA2081 Module
Neurosciences Literature-Based Research Project SEM2 6BBYN305 Module
Perspectives on Pain and Nervous System Disorders SEM1 6BBYN302 Module
Principles of Neurobiological Research SEM1 6BBYN307 Module
Project Design and Research Methods in Neuroscience SEM1 7BBYN402 Module
Project Design in Neuroscience SEM2 6BBYN301 Module
Psychology I SEM2 5BBA2040 Module
Research Project in Neuroscience SY 7BBYN401 Module

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