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Biochemical Basis of Therapeutics SY 4BBP0131 Module
Cardiovascular and Renal Systems SY 5BBP0258 Module
Chemistry of Drugs SY 4BBP0134 Module
Clinical Decision Making SEM2 7BBP0423 Module
Core Competencies - MPharm Year 1 SY PBBPCOR1 Module
Core Competencies - MPharm Year 2 SY PBBPCOR2 Module
Core Competencies - MPharm Year 3 SY PBBPCOR3 Module
Core Competencies - MPharm Year 4 SY PBBPCOR4 Module
Emerging Therapeutics and Modern Medicines SEM2 7BBP0424 Module
Endocrine System and Cancer SY 6BBP0364 Module
Forensic, Genetics and Toxicology SEM2 6BBF0300 Module
Formulation and Analysis of Drugs SY 5BBP0259 Module
Gastrointestinal System and Skin SY 6BBP0362 Module
Infection and Pharmaceutical Microbiology SY 6BBP0363 Module
Medicines: Discovery and Development SY 6BBP0361 Module
Nervous System SY 5BBP0256 Module
Principles of Clinical Care SY 4BBP0132 Module
Research Project SY 7BBP0422 Module
Respiratory and Musculoskeletal Systems SY 5BBP0257 Module
Science of Medicines SY 4BBP0133 Module

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