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Advanced Molecular Genetics SEM1 6BBB0346 Module
Bioinformatics for Biologists SEM1 6BBG0310 Module
Cancer Genetics SEM1 6BBYG307 Module
Complex Disease Genetics SEM1 6BBYG306 Module
Epigenetics SEM2 6BBG0302 Module
Extended Research Project in Genetics SEM2 6BBG0303 Module
Genetics and Molecular Biology SEM2 4BBY1070 Module
Human and Molecular Genetics A SEM1 5BBG0203 Module
Human and Molecular Genetics B SEM2 5BBG0204 Module
Human Experimental Genetics SEM2 6BBYG309 Module
Human Molecular Genetics: the Fundamentals SEM1 6BBYG304 Module
Medical Genetics SEM1 6BBYG305 Module
Molecular Basis of Gene Expression SEM1 5BBG0205 Module
Molecular Biology Practical Project SEM2 6BBB0326 Module
Molecular Biology Research Skills SEM2 5BBG0206 Module
Molecular Genetics of Model Organisms SEM1 6BBB0345 Module
Principles of Bioinformatics SEM2 5BBB0226 Module
Principles of Epidemiology SEM2 6BBG0301 Module
Research and Clinical Genetics: Transferable Skills SEM2 6BBYG308 Module

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