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Advanced Human Anatomy SY 6BBA3241 Module
Anatomy and Biomechanics SY 4BBA1003 Module
Anatomy, Developmental and Human Biology Library Project NSY 6BBA3350 Module
Biology of Cancer SY 6BBA0381 Module
Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Movement SEM1 6BBA0382 Module
Biomechanics SEM1 5BBA0330 Module
Birth Defects SEM2 6BBA3015 Module
Cellular Basis of Disease SEM2 6BBA3013 Module
Communicating Science SEM2 5BBA2500 Module
Data Collection and Analysis Projects in Surgical Sciences and Anatomy SY 6BBYS302 Module
Developmental Neurobiology SEM1 6BBA3008 Module
Emergence of Vertebrate Form and Function SEM1 5BBA2076 Module
Essentials of Embryology SEM1 5BBA2300 Module
Experimental Project in Anatomy, Developmental and Human Biology SEM2 6BBA3261 Module
Mechanisms of Development SY 6BBA3121 Module
Project in Communicating Science SEM2 6BBA3333 Module
Structural Basis of Human Function SY 5BBA2021 Module
Surgical Anatomy SY 6BBA3244 Module
Surgical Science SY 6BBYS301 Module
Synthetic Anatomy SEM2 5BBA2031 Module

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