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Cultural Transformations: An Introduction to Modern Languages SY 4AML0001 Module
Dissertation: MA Modern Languages, Literature and Culture SY 7AML0001 Module
Governance & Culture: Between Censorship and Cultural Management SEM2 5AML0002 Module
Marketing the Margins: Case Studies in the Cultural Marketplace SEM2 5AML0001 Module
Maximising Performance? Brecht, Boal and Big Business SEM2 6AML0001 Module
Nomads, Exiles, Travellers: Introduction to Modern Languages and Cultures SEM1 4AML0002 Module
Research Methodology: Reading Theory/Reading Practice I SEM1 7AML0002 Module
The Art and Culture of European Integration SEM1 5AML0003 Module
Writing the Body in French and German Literature and Culture SEM1 7AML0003 Module

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