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Caribbean Drama SEM1 5ABA0018 Module
Comparative Literature: Theoretical Foundations SEM2 4ABA0003 Module
Dealing with the Devil SEM2 6ABA0014 Module
Dissertation SY 6ABA0001 Module
Dissertation SY 7ABA0001 Module
Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa in Global Cultural Studies SEM1 6ABA0013 Module
Forms of Shorter Narrative SEM1 4ABA0004 Module
From Opium to Maximum City: Representations of Indian Economy in Fiction and Ethnography SEM2 6ABA0006 Module
Genres of World Literature SEM2 4ABA0007 Module
Ideas of Nation SEM2 5ABA0002 Module
Imaginary Geographies: Novels and the Representation of Space 1800-2000 SEM2 6ABA0003 Module
Literature and the Sacred SEM2 5ABA0020 Module
Literature of Empire SEM1 5ABA0001 Module
Medieval and Modern African Literatures (1200-1900) SEM1 5ABA0023 Module
Melancholia and Hypochondria in 18th Century Europe SEM1 7ABA0008 Module
Myth after Slavery SEM1 7ABA0018 Module
Queer Connections: Male-Male Desire and the Classical Past SEM2 7ABA0016 Module
Reading Modern Poetry Comparatively SEM2 4ABA0006 Module
Rhetoric - The Art of Persuasion: Theory, Practice, Ethics SEM2 4ABA0009 Module
Romantic Britain and Italy 1750 - 1820 SEM2 5ABA0006 Module
Socialism and Literature in India in the Twentieth Century SEM2 5ABA0010 Module
The Book in the Modern World SEM2 5ABA0007 Module
The Canon SEM1 5ABA0008 Module
The French Revolution Effect: Italy, France, Germany, Greece SEM1 6ABA0007 Module
The Novel in 18th Century Europe SEM2 4ABA0005 Module
The World Novel SEM2 7ABA0007 Module
The Writer in the Text SEM1 4ABA0002 Module
Theorizing Literature across Cultures: Contemporary Debates SEM1 7ABA0006 Module
What is Comparative Literature? Conceptions and Methods SEM1 4ABA0001 Module
World Literature as Critical Pedagogy SEM2 7ABA0020 Module

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