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AI, Culture and Society SEM1 6AAVC307 Module
Artificial Intelligence and Society SEM1 7AAVDC18 Module
Big Data in Practice: Collaboratories, Tools and Methods SEM2 7AAVBCS3 Module
Bodies, Identities and Digital Media SEM2 7AAVDC09 Module
Coding and the Humanities SEM1 7AAVDH02 Module
Communication and Consumption of Cultural Heritage SEM1 7AAVMARC Module
Contemporary Trends in Digital Theory SEM1 6AAVC304 Module
Critical Debates in Digital Culture SEM1 5AAVC300 Module
Critical Digital Arts SEM2 7AAVMART Module
Crowds and Clouds - Digital Ecosystems SEM2 7AAVDM06 Module
Data Analysis SEM2 7AAVDM27 Module
Data Journalism SEM2 7AAVDM12 Module
Data Visualisation and Analysis SEM2 7AAVDM16 Module
Design in a Digital World SEM1 5AAVC209 Module
Development and Humanitarianism in a Digital Age SEM2 6AAVC312 Module
Digital Advertising/Digital Marketing SEM2 6AAVC260 Module
Digital Asset and Media Management in the Broadcast Media SEM2 7AAVDM11 Module
Digital Campaigning SEM2 5AAVC303 Module
Digital Colonialism SEM2 6AAVC405 Module
Digital Culture Project (Dissertation) SY 6AAVC300 Module
Digital Culture Thesis (Dissertation) SY 6AAVC200 Module
Digital Economy SEM2 4AAVC101 Module
Digital Entrepreneurship SEM1 7AAVDM23 Module
Digital Foundation II (Full Year) SY 5AAVC100 Module
Digital Foundations II (Half Year) SEM1 5AAVC101 Module
Digital Foundations SY 4AAVC100 Module
Digital Gaming SEM2 6AAVC403 Module
Digital Health SEM1 7AAVDC20 Module
Digital Industries and Internet Culture SEM2 7AAVDC10 Module
Digital Innovation SEM2 7AAVDM08 Module
Digital Interactions in Cultural Heritage SEM1 7AAVDH08 Module
Digital Journalism SEM1 6AAVC402 Module
Digital Media, Digital Marketing SEM1 7AAVDM10 Module
Digital Methods 1: Approaches SEM2 4AAVC104 Module
Digital Methods 2 - Working with Data SEM1 5AAVC200 Module
Digital Methods for Internet Studies: Concepts, Devices and Data SEM1 7AAVDM28 Module
Digital Play: the Self in Gaming SEM2 7AAVDC22 Module
Digital Politics SEM1 4AAVC102 Module
Digital Popular Culture SEM2 5AAVC250 Module
Digital Publishing SEM1 7AAVDH05 Module
Digital Publishing SEM2 6AAVC401 Module
Dissertation (MA Digital Asset and Media Management) SY 7AAVDM02 Module
Dissertation SY 7AAVBDS4 Module
Dissertation: MA Digital Humanities SY 7AAVMDIS Module
Ethnography for the Internet SEM1 7AAVDC16 Module
Gendering Technology SEM1 7AAVDC12 Module
Global Digital Audiences SEM1 7AAVDM29 Module
History of Networked Technologies SEM1 4AAVC103 Module
iData: Understanding Personal Data Ecosystems SEM2 7AAVDM21 Module
Individual Project and Dissertation (for MA in Digital Culture and Society) SY 7AAVDC02 Module
Information Ethics and Digital Rights SEM1 7AAVDM13 Module
Internship in Digital Culture NSY 6AAVC400 Module
Introduction to Digital Asset and Media Management SY 7AAVDM01 Module
Introduction to Digital Culture and Society SY 7AAVDC01 Module
Introduction to Digital Humanities SY 7AAVINDH Module
Introduction To Programming SEM2 5AAVC210 Module
Investigating Science, Technology and Society: Writing for Academic and Popular Audiences SEM1 6AAVC314 Module
Knowledge Representation SEM2 4AAVC105 Module
London as a Digital City SEM1 7AAVLOND Module
Macro perspectives on the digital economy SEM1 7AAVDE02 Module
Management for Digital Content Industries SEM2 7AAVDM09 Module
Management for the Digital Domain 2 SEM1 6AAVC305 Module
Management For the Digital Domain I SEM2 5AAVC204 Module
Maps, Apps and the GeoWeb: Introduction to the Spatial Humanities SEM2 7AAVMAPS Module
Micro Perspectives on the Digital Economy SEM2 7AAVDE01 Module
Mobility, Culture and Digital Media SEM1 7AAVDC06 Module
Music and Sound in Digital Societies SEM2 7AAVDC21 Module
Network Literacy SEM2 7AAVDM15 Module
Open Cultures 7AAVDOS Module
Quantitative Research Fundamentals SEM1 6AAVC315 Module
Research Dissertation: Digital Economy SY 7AAVDE03 Module
Social and Cultural Analytics SEM1 7AAVBCS1 Module
Social Media SEM1 5AAVC208 Module
Social Media, Marketing and Platforms SEM2 7AAVDM30 Module
Social Media, Protest and Political Campaigning SEM2 7AAVDC08 Module
Special Topics in Digital Humanities SEM2 7AAVDH09 Module
Subcultures and Communities in the Digital World SEM2 6AAVC206 Module
The Cultural Web: Building a Humanities Website SEM1 7AAVDM14 Module
The Sharing Economy and Its Discontents SEM1 7AAVDC11 Module
Theories of New Media SEM1 4AAVC106 Module
Theorising Big Data SEM1 7AAVBCS2 Module
Understanding Human-Computer Interaction Design SEM2 7AAVDM24 Module
User-centered research SEM1 7AAVDM25 Module
Virtual Realities SEM2 7AAVDC05 Module
Web Technologies SEM1 7AAVMWEB Module

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