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Academic Methods in Theology and Religious Studies SEM1 4AAT1000 Module
An Introduction to the Doctrine of the Person of Christ SEM1 5AAT2006 Module
Anthropological Approaches to Religious Innovation and Questions of Being SEM2 6AAT3801 Module
Applied Ethics SEM2 5AAT2501 Module
Art as a Theological Medium SEM2 7AATC413 Module
Basic Biblical Hebrew and Greek for Beginners SEM2 4AAT1952 Module
Buddhist Ethics SEM2 5AAT2901 Module
Constancy and Creativity: Jewish Interpretations of Tradition SEM2 4AAT1032 Module
Contemporary Thought in The Muslim World SEM1 6AAT3048 Module
Cosmology and Chaos in the Hebrew Bible SEM2 7AATC734 Module
Diploma Dissertation in Theology and Religious Studies SY 6AAT6000 Module
Dissertation SY 7AATC999 Module
Dissertation: MA Christianity and the Arts SY 7AATC499 Module
Elements of Ethics SEM1 4AAT1027 Module
Engaging with the New Testament in Greek: Language, Translation and Interpretation SY 5AAT2954 Module
Engaging with the New Testament in Greek: Language, Translation and Interpretation SY 7AATC955 Module
Ethics Philosophy and Literature SEM2 5AAT2039 Module
European Jews and the 'Orient' SEM1 6AAT3052 Module
Faith and Enlightenment: Philosophies of Religion from Anselm to Kant SEM2 5AAT2602 Module
From Machiavelli to Bodin: Renaissance and Reformation Political Thought SEM2 4AAT1301 Module
Gods, Kings and Prophets: History of Ancient Israel and Judah SEM2 6AAT3140 Module
Hebrew Texts: Poetry / Advanced Hebrew Texts (Poetry) 6AAT3041_7AATC746 Module
Hebrew Texts: Prose / Advanced Hebrew Texts (Prose) 6AAT3040_7AATC745 Module
Independent Study Project SY 6AAT5000 Module
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew SY 5AAT2037 Module
Introduction to Buddhism SEM1 4AAT1901 Module
Introduction to Early and Medieval Christianity and Culture SEM1 4AAT1341 Module
Introduction to Islam SEM2 4AAT1001 Module
Introduction to Religion and Politics SEM2 4AAT1830 Module
Introduction to the Anthropology of Religion SEM1 4AAT1009 Module
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament SEM2 4AAT1005 Module
Introduction to The Philosophy of Religion SEM1 4AAT1601 Module
Introduction to the Sociology of Religion SEM2 4AAT1002 Module
Introductory Biblical Hebrew SY 7AATC241 Module
Jesus in Context SEM2 6AAT3201 Module
Jesus' Death and Resurrection: Gospels, Reception, Representation SEM1 7AATC230 Module
Leadership in Religion and Politics SEM2 5AAT2851 Module
Lived Religion: Making Sense of Religious Practices SEM2 5AAT2046 Module
Martin Luther and the German Reformation SEM1 5AAT2024 Module
Modern Doctrine SEM1 7AATC404 Module
Modern Islam I: History and Politics SEM1 5AAT2003 Module
New Testament: Origins, Contexts and Meanings SEM1 4AAT1006 Module
Patristic Theology in the Making SEM1 7AATC341 Module
Paul's Writings: Special Study of Chosen Passages SEM2 7AATC231 Module
Philosophy and Film SEM1 5AAT2601 Module
Philosophy of Religious Life SEM1 6AAT3602 Module
Religion and Politics in Western Societies SEM1 7AATC830 Module
Religion and the Modern State: Jewish and Other Perspectives SEM2 7AATC740 Module
Religion in Ethnographic Perspective SEM1 5AAT2014 Module
Religion in International Relations SEM1 5AAT2830 Module
Religion, Politics and the Global Media SEM1 6AAT3830 Module
Religious Difference: Jewish, Christian and Other Perspectives SEM1 5AAT2044 Module
Salvation and the City: Christian Faith and the Arts SEM2 5AAT2045 Module
Sociology of Early Christianity SEM1 5AAT2952 Module
Special Questions in Social Ethics SEM1 6AAT3044 Module
The Anthropology of Ontology and Religious Innovation SEM2 7AATC825 Module
The Art of Dante's _Comedy_: Medieval and Modern Perspectives SEM2 7AATC450 Module
The Devotional Use of Art in Christianity SEM1 7AATC412 Module
The English Reformation SEM2 6AAT3025 Module
The Gospels SEM1 7AATC233 Module
The Idea of Beauty in Islam SEM2 7AATC954 Module
The Idea of Beauty in Western Theology SY 7AATC411 Module
The Principles of Systematic Theology SEM1 6AAT3045 Module
The Search for Meaning SEM2 6AAT3601 Module
The Trinity in Recent Theology SEM2 5AAT2018 Module
Theology and Culture: Christian Perspectives SEM2 4AAT1401 Module
Theology, Vulnerability and Culture: Shakespeare and Modernity SEM2 6AAT3411 Module
Theravada Buddhism SEM2 6AAT3901 Module
Thinking About Evil SEM2 4AAT1501 Module
Turning Points: an Introduction to the History of Christianity in England, 1500 to 1900 SEM2 4AAT1021 Module
What is Christianity?: Patristic Perspectives SEM1 5AAT2301 Module
What Is Religion? The Critical Debates SEM2 7AATC001 Module
Women and Gender in the Bible SEM1 6AAT3051 Module

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