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6AAQP413 Digital Video Project - Filming London SEM1 6AAQP413 Module
American Independent Cinema SEM2 5AAQS276 Module
American Underground Cinema SEM2 6AAQS370 Module
Asian Popular Cinema SEM1 5AAQS250 Module
Authorship and Creativity in the Cinema SEM2 5AAQS255 Module
Bollywood and the West SEM2 5AAQS279 Module
British National Cinema: London-Nation-Empire SEM1 5AAQS275 Module
Chinese Cinemas SEM2 5AAQS256 Module
Cinema and Sentiment SEM1, SEM2 7AAQS592 Module
Cinema and Social Formations SEM1 6AAQS380 Module
Cinema and Spectatorship SEM1 5AAQT222 Module
Cinema and the City SEM1 7AAQS535 Module
Cinema and the non-human SEM1 6AAQS409 Module
Contemporary American Cinema and Media SEM2 7AAQS672 Module
Contemporary European Cinema SEM1 5AAQS266 Module
Contemporary Spanish Cinema SEM2 5AAQS247 Module
Critical Debates in Film Studies SEM2 4AAQS150 Module
Critical Media Practice SEM1 7AAQP673 Module
Dissertation (Film Studies) SY 7AAQS660 Module
Documentary Cinema SEM1 5AAQS240 Module
Documentary in the Twenty-First Century SEM2 6AAQS404 Module
Ethics and Film SEM2 6AAQS411 Module
Exploitation Cinema SEM1 7AAQS545 Module
Film and Architecture SEM2 6AAQS397 Module
Film and New Media SEM2 6AAQS315 Module
Film and Popular Music SEM2 6AAQS336 Module
Film and Religion SEM2 6AAQS395 Module
Film and Trans-Nationalism SEM2 6AAQS310 Module
Film Festivals and Film Festival Studies SEM1 6AAQS408 Module
Film Forms: Avant-garde Cinema SEM2 5AAQS241 Module
Film History: 1895-1930 SEM1 4AAQH126 Module
Film History: 1930-1960 SEM2 4AAQH131 Module
Film History: 1960-1990 SEM2 4AAQH121 Module
Film History: 1990 to the Present SEM1 4AAQH116 Module
Film Studies Internship SY 5AAQS280 Module
Film Theory 1 SEM1 5AAQT200 Module
Film Theory II SEM1 6AAQT320 Module
Food for Thought: Food, Film and Philosophy SEM1 6AAQCF02 Module
Formations of Film Studies: An Advanced Introduction to the Field SEM1 7AAQS500 Module
French New Wave SEM2 5AAQS235 Module
Global Art Cinema SEM1 7AAQS515 Module
Global Cult Cinema SEM2 6AAQS406 Module
History and Memory in Film SEM2 7AAQS520 Module
Hollywood Cinema SEM2 5AAQS260 Module
Independent Study SY 6AAQS400 Module
Internship SEM2 7AAQS663 Module
Introduction to Film Studies: Contexts SEM2 4AAQS105 Module
Introduction to Film Studies: Forms SEM1 4AAQS100 Module
Introduction to Filmmaking (Digital Video) SEM1 5AAQP283 Module
Korean Cinema SEM1 6AAQS410 Module
London Film Culture SEM1 7AAQS570 Module
Media Aesthetics SEM2 7AAQS560 Module
New Directions in Chinese Cinema SEM1 7AAQS594 Module
New Waves in East Asian Cinemas SEM2 6AAQS402 Module
Popular European Cinema SEM1 6AAQS367 Module
Race, Cinema, and American Culture SEM1 5AAQS277 Module
Research and Scholarship in Film Studies SEM1 4AAQS110 Module
Sound in Cinema SEM2 5AAQS278 Module
Stardom and Performance SEM2 6AAQS390 Module
Television Studies SEM2 5AAQS281 Module
The Biopic: Historical Lives and Biographical Screen Practices SEM2 6AAQS401 Module
The Carnal Screen SEM2 6AAQS407 Module
The European Crime Film SEM2 6AAQS365 Module
The Hollywood Musical SEM1 6AAQS385 Module
The Politics of Aesthetics. Perspectives from Weimar Germany. SEM2 7AAQS595 Module
Thinking Cinema: Theory Philosophy Ethics SEM1 7AAQS555 Module
Third Cinema and Beyond SEM2 6AAQS360 Module
Topics in World Cinema SEM1 5AAQS270 Module
Traditions of Post-War and Contemporary British Cinema SEM1 7AAQS590 Module
Women Directors SEM1 6AAQS412 Module

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