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Advanced Free Composition SY 6AAMS321 Module
Advanced Performance Studies SY 6AAMS302 Module
Aural Training SY 4AAMS105 Module
Between Noise and Silence SEM1 5AAMS289 Module
Broadway from Showboat to West Side Story SEM1 6AAMS375 Module
Composing for a Large Ensemble or Orchestra SEM2 7AAMM052 Module
Composition Studies 1 SEM1 5AAMS222 Module
Composition Studies 2 SEM2 5AAMS223 Module
Contemporary Musicology SEM2 6AAMS385 Module
Dissertation SY 6AAMS367 Module
Eighteenth Century Music SEM2 5AAMS256 Module
Ensemble Performance SEM1 6AAMS702 Module
Ethnomusicology and Social Theory SEM1 7AAMM025 Module
Film Music SEM1 5AAMS278 Module
Introduction to Free Composition SEM1 7AAMM051 Module
Issues and Topics in Music 1 SEM1 4AAMS161 Module
Issues and Topics in Music 2 SEM1 4AAMS162 Module
Issues and Topics in Music 3 SEM2 4AAMS163 Module
Issues and Topics in Music 4 SEM2 4AAMS164 Module
Issues in Historiography and Criticism SEM1 7AAMM009 Module
Keyboard Music from JS Bach to Beethoven SEM1 6AAMS382 Module
Material Culture in 19th-Century Music SEM1 6AAMS398 Module
Material Culture in Nineteenth-Century Music SEM2 7AAMM070 Module
Medieval Music from the Sources SEM2 6AAMS703 Module
Medieval Music from the Sources SEM2 7AAMM024 Module
Migrating Musics SEM2 5AAMS378 Module
Modernism and Sentimentality SEM1 7AAMM061 Module
Mozart in London SEM1 7AAMM003 Module
Music and Digital Cultures SEM1 6AAMS700 Module
Music and Digital Cultures SEM1 7AAMM068 Module
Music and Early Modern Theatre SEM1 6AAMS397 Module
Music and Empire SEM2 6AAMS366 Module
Music and Empire SEM2 7AAMM014 Module
Music and Society in France, 1789-1870 SEM2 6AAMS357 Module
Music in 19th-century London SEM2 7AAMM023 Module
Music Theory 1 SEM1 4AAMS132 Module
Music Theory 2 SEM2 4AAMS112 Module
Music, Gender and Sexuality: Global Perspectives SEM2 6AAMS389 Module
Music, Space and Place SEM2 6AAMS387 Module
Musical Analysis IIA SEM1 5AAMS210 Module
Musical Analysis IIB SEM2 5AAMS211 Module
Musical Performance I SY 4AAMS104 Module
Musical Performance II SY 5AAMS213 Module
Musical Performance III SY 6AAMS301 Module
Narrative and Lyricism in Nineteenth Century Song SEM1 5AAMS263 Module
Orchestration SEM2 7AAMM069 Module
Orchestration SEM2 6AAMS701 Module
Post-Tonal Music and Composition Theory SEM2 7AAMM034 Module
Puccini and the Twentieth Century SEM2 7AAMM066 Module
Readings in the New 18th Century SEM2 7AAMM022 Module
Regional Studies in Music Research SEM1 6AAMS696 Module
Regional Studies in Music Research SEM1 7AAMM063 Module
Special Study in Composition SY 7AAMM050 Module
Special Study in Musicology or Ethnomusicology SY 7AAMM001 Module
Stravinsky SEM2 6AAMS394 Module
The Music Industry SEM2 6AAMS399 Module
Theories and Realities of Wagner's Music Theatre SEM2 6AAMS388 Module
Vienna 1900-1920 SEM2 6AAMS362 Module
Voice SEM2 7AAMM067 Module
Writing About Music SY 4AAMS158 Module

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