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Analysing the Cultural and Creative Industries SY 7AAICC56 Module
Art and Globalisation SEM1 7AAICC49 Module
Arts and Management SEM1 7AAIAM01 Module
Arts Based Research Project SY 7AAIAM07 Module
Children, Media Industries and Culture SEM1 7AAICC52 Module
Collecting Cultures: managing collections in museums and collecting organisations. SEM1 7AAIAM11 Module
Contextualising Creativity SEM2 7AAICC17 Module
Creative Institutions and Industries: Policy and Politics SEM1 4AAIC005 Module
Creative Institutions and Industries: Practice and Management SEM2 4AAIC006 Module
Creative Living and Learning SEM1 5AAIC002 Module
Creatives: Working in the Cultural Industries SEM1 7AAICC18 Module
Cultural Economies SEM2 5AAIC010 Module
Cultural Management: The Experience SEM2 7AAIAM02 Module
Cultural Markets SEM2 7AAICC22 Module
Cultural Memory SEM1 7AAICC40 Module
Cultural Policy and Governance SEM1 5AAIC005 Module
Cultural Policy SEM1 7AAICC10 Module
Cultural Production in a Changing World SEM2 4AAIC004 Module
Culture and Activism SEM1 5AAIC006 Module
Culture and Identity: Key Concepts and Debates SEM1 4AAIC003 Module
Culture and the City SEM2 7AAICC19 Module
Culture: Conflict, Diplomacy and International Relations SEM2 7AAICC45 Module
Digital Games and Gaming Cultures SEM2 5AAIC004 Module
Dissertation (Arts and Cultural Management) SY 7AAIAM06 Module
Dissertation SY 7AAICC04 Module
Diversity Matters SEM1 5AAIC001 Module
Entertainment Industries SEM1 7AAICC50 Module
Fashion Culture and Society SEM1 7AAICC29 Module
Fashion, Culture and Identity SEM2 5AAIC014 Module
Festivals: arts, public spaces and communities SEM1 7AAIAM09 Module
Future Memory: Creating Connected Worlds SEM1 7AAICC54 Module
Games Industries and Cultures SEM1 7AAICC61 Module
Gender and Media SEM2 5AAIC008 Module
Gender and Sexualities in East Asian Popular Culture SEM1 7AAICC59 Module
Gender, Media and Culture SEM1 7AAICC26 Module
Global Media Industries: Final Project SEM2 7AAIMI04 Module
Global Media Industries: Perspectives and Approaches SEM1 7AAIMI01 Module
Identity and Representation in the Creative Industries SEM1 4AAIC007 Module
Immersive Media and Extended Realities SEM1 7AAICC60 Module
International Heritage - Politics, Policy & Practice SEM1 7AAICC44 Module
Issues in the Creative Industries SEM1 5AAIC013 Module
London Media Industries SEM2 7AAIMI02 Module
Managing Cultural Projects SEM2 5AAIC012 Module
Media 1.0 - Histories, Theories and Analysis SEM1 4AAIC001 Module
Media 2.0 - Audiences, Industries and Convergence SEM2 4AAIC002 Module
Media Industry Innovations: Collaborative Project SEM2 7AAIMI03 Module
Media Production Cultures SEM2 4AAIC009 Module
Mediating Memory SEM1 4AAIC010 Module
Museum Curating Now-Behind the Scenes at the Tate SEM2 7AAIAM05 Module
Museums and Heritage: The Basics SEM2 4AAIC008 Module
Museums, Audiences and Communities SEM1 5AAIC007 Module
Performing Culture SEM2 5AAIC011 Module
Research Approaches SEM2 7AAICC30 Module
Television and Platform Studies SEM1 5AAIC003 Module
The Aesthetic Economy and Aesthetic Markets SEM2 7AAICC34 Module
The Entrepreneurial Opportunity-Arts and Culture SEM1 7AAIAM04 Module
Working in a Museum: Behind the Scenes at Tate SEM2 7AAICC57 Module
Youth Cultures SEM2 5AAIC009 Module

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