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Advanced Skills for Historians (Early Modern) SEM1 7AAH0002 Module
Advanced Skills for Historians SEM1 7AAH0001 Module
Approaches to Early Modern History SY 7AAH2002 Module
Authority SY 6AAH4012 Module
Black in the Union Jack? Black Lives in Modern London SEM2 5AAH1071 Module
Blood and Iron: Prussia and the Forging of Modern Germany 1806 -1914 SEM2 5AAH1016 Module
Bodies SY 6AAH4019 Module
Britain 1900-1945: Politics, Society, Economy, Culture, International Relations SEM1 7AAH1202 Module
Britain and Decolonisation SEM2 7AAH4010 Module
Britain and the World Economy, c.1850-1914 SEM2 7AAH3013 Module
Britain since 1945: Politics, Society, Economy, Culture, International Relations SEM2 7AAH1203 Module
Britain's Thatcher SY 6AAH3011 Module
British Economic History from the Eighteenth to the Early Twentieth Century SY 5AAH2008 Module
British Imperial Policy and Decolonisation, 1938-1964 SY 6AAH3017 Module
China: From Imperial State to People's Republic SY 5AAH3007 Module
Conflict, Coexistence and Cooperation: South Asia's International Relations since 1900 SY 5AAH2035 Module
Debates in Modern Latin American History SEM1 7AAH5018 Module
Diasporas SY 6AAH4010 Module
Dissertation Contemporary British History NSY 7AAH1201 Module
Dissertation MA Early Modern History NSY 7AAH2001 Module
Dissertation MA Medieval History NSY 7AAH1001 Module
Dissertation MA Modern History NSY 7AAH3001 Module
Dissertation: World History and Cultures NSY 7AAH5001 Module
Divided by Faith? The Age of Religious Violence in Early Modern Europe SEM2 7AAH2023 Module
Drugs, Disease, and Demi-Gods: Health and Healing in the Early Modern World SEM1 5AAH1081 Module
Early Modern Britain 1500 - 1750 SY 4AAH1003 Module
Early Modern Europe I: Society and Religion 1500 to c. 1700 (Study Abroad) SEM1 4AAH1104 Module
Early Modern Europe II: Culture and Politics c.1600 to 1800 (Study Abroad) SEM2 4AAH1204 Module
Emergency, War and the Angry Young Man. South Asia in the 1970s SEM2 5AAH1069 Module
Empire, Nation and Modernity in Eastern Europe, 1848-1914 SEM1 7AAH3011 Module
English Exceptions since 1918 SEM2 7AAH3005 Module
Europe from 1793 to 1991 SY 4AAH1006 Module
Europe in the Age of Revolution and Napoleon, 1780-1815 SY 5AAH2009 Module
European History 1000 to 1500 (Study Abroad) SEM2 4AAH1202 Module
European History 400 - 1500 SY 4AAH1002 Module
European History 400 - c.1000 (Study Abroad) SEM1 4AAH1102 Module
Faith, Nation and Empire in Modern East-Central Europe (1800 - present) SY 5AAH2010 Module
Faraway so Close: the Middle East since 1800 SY 5AAH2030 Module
Food and Drink in Medieval England SEM2 7AAH1019 Module
Forging State and Nation in Latin America since 1750 SY 5AAH3004 Module
Free Standing Long Essay NSY 6AAH4000 Module
French Empires, 1750-1914 SEM1 7AAH5004 Module
From Crowd to Court: Cultures of Politics in Later Hanoverian Britain SY 5AAH2014 Module
From Hume to Darwin: God, Man and Nature in European Thought SEM1 7AAH2010 Module
From the Atom to Afghanistan: Science and Technology in the Cold War SEM1 5AAH1060 Module
Gender and British Society, 1900-45 SEM1 7AAH3025 Module
Globalization since the 1970s SEM1 5AAH1074 Module
God SY 6AAH4007 Module
Group III Dissertation NSY 6AAH3000 Module
Harlem: From 'Black Metropolis' to Gentrification SEM2 7AAH5012 Module
Historical Methods SEM2 7AAH3002 Module
Historical Origins of Economic Underdevelopment in Africa SEM1 5AAH1039 Module
Historical Skills, Sources & Approaches SY 4AAH0001 Module
History and Memory I SEM1 5AAH0001 Module
History and Memory II SEM2 5AAH0002 Module
History of Australia Since 1788 SY 5AAH2013 Module
History of feminism and women's political thought (exam) SY 6AAH3075 Module
Humans and Nature: Understanding Deep History SY 5AAH3005 Module
Imperial Britain? Britain and Empire c.1860-1964 SEM1 5AAH1021 Module
Investigating the Colonial Past of King's College London SEM2 5AAH9I01 Module
Ireland: politics, culture and nationalism, 1880-1923 (exam) SY 6AAH3079 Module
Jews and Muslims in Medieval Europe SEM2 5AAH1077 Module
Latin for Graduates (Intermediate) SY 7AAH1020 Module
Latin for Graduates SY 7AAH1003 Module
Liberty and Inequality in the Early American Republic SEM2 7AAH4011 Module
London Calling: Colonial and Postcolonial Encounters with the Metropole SEM1 7AAH5009 Module
MA History Internship SEM2 7AAH2021 Module
Magna Carta and Medieval Monarchy SEM2 7AAH1007 Module
Making Americans: Peoples, Cultures and Identities in Colonial North America and the United States, 1500-2000 SY 5AAH3013 Module
Materials and Methods SY 7AAH1002 Module
Medicine, Modernity and the Body SEM2 7AAH8008 Module
Medieval Latin Literature SY 7AAH1022 Module
Modern Europe I: Wars, Revolutions and Great Powers 1793 to 1991 (Study Abroad) SEM1 4AAH1106 Module
Modern Europe II: European Society c.1800 to c.2000 (Study Abroad) SEM2 4AAH1206 Module
Nations SY 6AAH4005 Module
New Perspectives on Atlantic Slavery: Origins and Consequences in Africa, the Americas and Europe SEM2 7AAH2016 Module
Official and Unofficial Religion SEM1 7AAH1008 Module
On Contradictions: Histories of the Early People's Republic of China SEM2 7AAH5017 Module
Political Culture in the Twentieth-Century United States SY 6AAH3041 Module
Political Culture, Faith, and Belonging in the post-1945 United States SEM2 5AAH1062 Module
Politics & Society in Britain 1780 - 1945 SY 4AAH1005 Module
Politics and Modern Society in Modern Britain I: 1780 to 1870 (Study Abroad) SEM1 4AAH1105 Module
Politics and Society in Modern Britain II: 1850 to 1945 (Study Abroad) SEM2 4AAH1205 Module
Power, Culture & Belief in Europe 1500 - 1800 SY 4AAH1004 Module
Queer Histories SEM1 5AAH1085 Module
Race, Orientalism and Islamophobia since 1800 SY 6AAH3095 Module
Religion and Society in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages SY 5AAH2020 Module
Revolutions and Constitutions in Europe, c.1790-1870 SEM1 7AAH3008 Module
Russia in the Age of Anna Karenina SEM2 5AAH1022 Module
Science, War and the Nation: Britain 1900-2000 SEM2 7AAH8007 Module
Selfhood and Sensibility in The European Enlightenment SEM1 7AAH2018 Module
Sensing the Renaissance, 1400-1650 6AAH3061-62 Module
Sexuality and Gender in Modern Britain SY 5AAH2026 Module
Skills for Medievalists: Palaeography I SY 7AAH1021 Module
The "Good" Migrant? Immigration, Citizenship and the Nation in Twentieth-Century Britain SY 5AAH3019 Module
The American Revolution and the Creation of the United States, 1760-1815 (exam) SY 6AAH3039 Module
The Body and Society in Early Modern Europe SEM2 7AAH2006 Module
The British Empire SEM1 7AAH5003 Module
The Civilizing Mission: French Imperialism since 1750 SY 5AAH2033 Module
The experience of power in Nigeria since 1900 6AAH3043_6AAH3044 Module
The French Civil War, 1934-1970 SY 5AAH2011 Module
The Global Cold War SY 6AAH3077 Module
The History of Medieval Women: Image and Reality SEM1 7AAH1009 Module
The History of Portuguese-Speaking Africa 1960 to the Present SEM2 5AAH1024 Module
The History of Script in Britain, 600-1100 SEM2 7AAH1018 Module
The History of Western Political Ideas I: From Plato to c.1700 SEM1 5AAH1001 Module
The History of Western Political Ideas II: From c.1700 to the Present SEM2 5AAH1002 Module
The Inquisition in the World: Racism and Minorities (exam) SY 6AAH3087 Module
The Languages of Politics: Italy 1250-1500 SEM2 7AAH1010 Module
The Making of Britain 400 - 1400 SY 4AAH1001 Module
The Making of Britain I: Anglo-Saxon and Norman Britain c.400 - 1100 SEM1 4AAH1101 Module
The Making of Britain II: Magna Carta and the Parliamentary State c.1050 - 1400 SEM2 4AAH1201 Module
The Making of Independent India, 1945-1967 6AAH3063-64 Module
The Making of Independent India, 1945-1967 SY 6AAH3063 Module
The Making of Muslims in Europe: Empire, Immigration and Citizenship SEM2 7AAH3015 Module
The Northern Ireland Troubles SY 5AAH2003 Module
The politics of people in Britain and Ireland, 900-1350: rethinking the first english empire SY 6AAH3099 Module
The Power of Naija: Culture and Politics in Postcolonial Nigeria SEM1 7AAH5020 Module
The Public History of Science, Technology and Medicine SEM1 7AAH2019 Module
The Second World War in Europe SEM2 5AAH1068 Module
The Sociology of the Middle Ages SEM1 5AAH1037 Module
The Worlds of The British Empire C. 1700 - 1960 SY 4AAH1007 Module
Themes in Colonial and Postcolonial African History SY 5AAH3010 Module
Toleration and Human Rights in Europe, c.1600 - c.2000 SEM1 5AAH1080 Module
Transnational History SY 7AAH5002 Module
Twentieth -Century Medicine, State and Society in the United States and United Kingdom (exam) SY 6AAH3037 Module
War SY 6AAH4008 Module
Ways of Knowing: Understanding the History of Science, Technology and Medicine SEM1 7AAH8009 Module
Wealth SY 6AAH4014 Module
Western Technology in Global History 1500-2000 SY 5AAH3015 Module
Women and Gender in Early Modern England SY 6AAH3009 Module
Women, Gender and Sexuality in the Arab World 6AAH3071-72 Module
World History 1870s-2000s SY 4AAH1008 Module
World History I: Study Abroad SEM1 4AAH1108 Module
World History II: Study Abroad SEM2 4AAH1208 Module
Worlds in Objects: Contested Histories of Nature, Culture & Antiquity, 1800 to the Present - Exam SY 6AAH3101 Module
Worlds of The British Empire I: The Making and Contesting of The British Empire 1700 to 1900 (Study Abroad) SEM1 4AAH1107 Module
Worlds of the British Empire II: Empire and After, 1880 to 1960 (Study Abroad) SEM2 4AAH1207 Module
Worlds of the French Revolution, 1780-1830 SY 6AAH3065 Module
Young Lives: Growing Up in Liverpool, London, Melbourne and Sydney, 1870-1970 SY 6AAH3069 Module

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