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Citizenship and Exclusion: Republicanism and its Discontents SEM2 6AAFF359 Module
Contemporary Women's Writing in French SEM2 6AAFF344 Module
Core Language (Second Year) SY 5AAFF200 Module
Critical Reading and its Pleasures: Approaching French Literature and Film for ab initio students SY 4AAFF127 Module
Critical Reading and its Pleasures: Approaching French Literature and Film SY 4AAFF126 Module
Dissertation MA Critical Theory NSY 7AAFCM09 Module
Dissertation SY 6AAFF330 Module
Enquiring Minds: Murder Mysteries in French Literature from Realism to Post-Modernism SEM1 6AAFF363 Module
French Cinema and its Others SEM2 5AAFF259 Module
French Encounters With The 'New World' SEM2 6AAFF354 Module
French Language SY 6AAFF300 Module
French Poetry After 1800 SEM1 5AAFF256 Module
French Political Thought II SEM2 5AAFF258 Module
French Political Thought SEM2 4AAFF114 Module
French: Core Language (First Year) SY 4AAFF120 Module
Images of Algeria SEM2 6AAFF347 Module
Main Currents in Critical Theory SEM1 7AAFCM01 Module
Modern French History SEM1 5AAFF251 Module
Modernity and the City SEM1 5AAFF254 Module
Narrative in French Literature and Film SEM1 4AAFF122 Module
Nation and Identity: The Idea of France SEM1 5AAFF252 Module
Obscenity and Civility in Pre- and Early-Modern French literature SEM2 5AAFF260 Module
Old French Romance, a Genre in Process SEM1 6AAFF356 Module
Politics and the Moving Image in post-1968 France SEM1 6AAFF368 Module
Recent French Thought SEM2 6AAFF320 Module
Revolution and Reaction in Modern France: An Introduction to Modern French History SEM1 4AAFF125 Module
Rights Before Human Rights: 18th-century Theories and Representations SEM2 7AAFM166 Module
Shadows of Enlightenment SEM1 6AAFF349 Module
Text and Performance: Introduction to French and Francophone Theatre and Film SEM2 4AAFF124 Module
Text, Image, Object and Gesture in Twentieth-Century French Writing SEM2 7AAFM072 Module
the Practice of Translation SY 5AAFF238 Module
The Stylistics of Translation SY 6AAFF332 Module
Writing and Performing the City SEM1 6AAFF370 Module
Writing the Self in French Literature Since 1700 SEM2 5AAFF257 Module
Year Abroad Essay in French SY 5AAFY024 Module
Year Abroad Practical Language French SY 5AAFY021 Module
Year Abroad Practical Language SY 5AAFY001 Module
Year Abroad Written Language Course SY 5AAFY025 Module

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