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18th-century Writing, Gender and Culture SEM2 7AAEM250 Module
A Book SEM2 4AAEA415 Module
A Mad World My Masters: Performing Culture in Jacobean London SEM1 5AAEB042 Module
Activist Texts: Literature and Politics, 1910-1938 SEM2 6AAEC098 Module
Advanced Fiction Workshop SEM1 6AAEC118 Module
Advanced Poetry Workshop SEM1 6AAEC095 Module
Afro-Asian transcultural memory: texts and textiles SEM1 7AAEM757 Module
Afro-Gothic Literature SEM1 6AAEC117 Module
Afrofuturism SEM2 5AAEB089 Module
American Literature and Culture in the Nineteenth Century SEM2 5AAEB050 Module
American Popular Culture SEM1 5AAEB073 Module
Beowulf: Heroes and Other Monsters SEM1 6AAEC039 Module
Black and Asian Writing in Britain SEM2 6AAEC110 Module
Books that Matter SEM1 6AAEC115 Module
Charles Dickens: Local and Global SEM2 6AAEC104 Module
Chaucer's Books SEM1 6AAEC100 Module
Classical and Biblical Contexts of English Literature SEM2 4AAE0205 Module
Comedy and Identity SEM2 5AAEB043 Module
Coming of Age in America SEM2 6AAEC112 Module
Contemporary Medieval SEM2 7AAEM729 Module
Contemporary South Asian Women's Writing SEM2 7AAEM638 Module
Creative Non-Fiction SEM1 5AAEB065 Module
Critically Queer: Literature, Culture and Queer Theory SEM2 6AAEC026 Module
Cultural Encounters: Literature and Language in the Anglo Saxon Period SEM2 5AAEB005 Module
D.H. Lawrence and the modern self SEM2 6AAEC108 Module
Dissertation MA in 18th-century Studies SY 7AAEM625 Module
Dissertation MA in Early Modern English Literature SY 7AAEM640 Module
Dissertation Medieval Studies SY 7AAEM722 Module
Dissertation SY 7AAEM649 Module
Dissertation SY 6AAEC012 Module
Dissertation: MA Shakespeare Studies SY 7AAEM652 Module
Dissertation: MA Theatre and Performance Studies SY 7AAEM667 Module
Early American Literature SEM1 5AAEB082 Module
Early Modern Literary Culture SEM2 4AAEA005 Module
Early Modern Playhouse Practice SEM1 7AAEM222 Module
Family, Authorship and Romanticism: The Godwin-Wollstonecraft-Shelleys SEM2 5AAEB052 Module
Figurations of Conspiracy and the Politics of Knowledge in Contemporary American Culture SEM2 6AAEC092 Module
Flatter and Fawn: Early Modern Drama and the Court SEM2 7AAEM705 Module
Gender and Performance SEM2 5AAEB070 Module
Genres of the Human SEM1 7AAEM756 Module
George Eliot: Fiction and Context SEM2 6AAEC051 Module
Guided Study: MA Theatre and Performance Studies SEM1 7AAEM673 Module
Illness Narrative as Fiction and as Life Writing SEM1 7AAEM631 Module
Imagining Britain: Medieval Places, Journeys, Maps SEM2 6AAEC080 Module
Industry, Climate, Futurity SEM1 6AAEC124 Module
Intellectuals of the Black Atlantic World: Literature, Culture and the Nation SEM1 6AAEC067 Module
Introducing Literary Theories SEM1 4AAEA001 Module
Introduction to American Literature SEM1 4AAEA016 Module
Introduction to Eighteenth-Century Literature: Gothic SEM2 5AAEB086 Module
Irish Literature and Culture 1900-2000 SEM1 5AAEB030 Module
James Joyce and Ulysses SEM2 6AAEC036 Module
Language on the Edge SEM1 5AAEB046 Module
Level 4 Skills and Support For Your English Degree NSY 4AAESSED Module
Level 5 Skills and Support For Your English Degree NSY 5AAESSED Module
Level 6 Skills and Support For Your English Degree NSY 6AAESSED Module
Level 7 Skills and Support For Your English Degree NSY 7AAESSED Module
Life Writings 1700-1850 SEM1 7AAEM607 Module
Literature and Impressionism SEM1 6AAEC011 Module
Literature and Media SEM1 6AAEC081 Module
London Literature 1380 - 1450 SEM1 5AAEB061 Module
MA in Contemporary Literature, Culture and Theory Dissertation SY 7AAEM717 Module
Man, Woman and Machine in Victorian Fiction SEM1 7AAEM758 Module
Mapping Modernism SEM2 5AAEB060 Module
Medieval Literary Culture SEM2 4AAE0209 Module
Medieval Science Fiction SEM2 5AAEB079 Module
Medieval/Modern: Text, Culture and the Politics of Time SEM2 6AAEC083 Module
Memory and Time in the 19th Century SEM1 6AAEC021 Module
Modern Poetry and Politics SEM2 6AAEC103 Module
Modern Poetry and the Place of Writing SEM2 5AAEB062 Module
Modernist Mindscapes SEM1 7AAEM732 Module
Multi-Ethnic American Modernisms SEM2 6AAEC109 Module
On Speed. Accelerating Culture Since the 19th Century SEM2 7AAEM708 Module
Pagans and Christians in Nineteenth Century Britain SEM2 7AAEM744 Module
Performance and Live Art SEM2 7AAEM670 Module
Performance in Medieval Culture SEM2 5AAEB038 Module
Performance Lab SEM2 7AAEM671 Module
Performance Philosophy: Thinking Through Theatre SEM2 6AAEC013 Module
Picking Up The Pieces: The Politics of Identity After Postmodernism SEM1 6AAEC106 Module
Poetry in America 1900 - 1950 SEM1 6AAEC074 Module
Poetry in America 1950 to 2000 SEM2 6AAEC075 Module
Popular Africa in London SEM2 7AAEM765 Module
Post 1945: Literature, Culture, Theory SEM1 7AAEM706 Module
Post-War Britain: from decolonisation to the invasion of Iraq SEM1 5AAEB088 Module
Post/colonial Pirates SEM1 5AAEB084 Module
Prose Fiction SEM2 5AAEB015 Module
Queer American Poetry SEM2 7AAEM753 Module
Raw Victorians: Race, Environment and Empire in Nineteenth-Century Literature SEM2 6AAEC119 Module
Reading Paradise Lost SEM2 6AAEC073 Module
Reading Poetry SEM1 4AAEA003 Module
Realism and its Others in the Long Twentieth Century SEM1 7AAEM755 Module
Representing the 18th Century SY 7AAEM604 Module
Rise of The Novel SEM1 5AAEB020 Module
Romanticism, Lyric and the Senses SEM1 6AAEC107 Module
Science Nature and Performance SEM2 6AAEC050 Module
Shakespeare and time SEM2 6AAEC116 Module
Shakespeare's London SEM1 6AAEC052 Module
Shakespeares Poems SEM2 7AAEM761 Module
Staging Shakespeare in Early Modern Playhouses: Actors, Audiences and the Experience of Theatre-Going SEM2 7AAEM730 Module
Study and Struggle: global revolutionary thought and practice SEM2 6AAEC122 Module
Testimony: the Holocaust and Rwanda SEM1 6AAEC070 Module
Text, Culture, Theory: London and Urban Modernity SEM1 7AAEM609 Module
The Arthurian Tradition in Literature and History SEM2 7AAEM718 Module
The Colonial Novel and British India SEM1 5AAEB051 Module
The Contemporary Global Novel SEM1 5AAEB069 Module
The Contemporary Irish Novel SEM1 6AAEC123 Module
The Film of the Play SEM2 5AAEB063 Module
The Fin-de-Siècle SEM2 5AAEB041 Module
The Gothic South SEM1 6AAEC077 Module
The Grotesque from Dickens to Dahl SEM2 4AAEA015 Module
The History of Reading SY 5AAEB091 Module
The Irish Literary Revival, 1890-1930 SEM2 7AAEM601 Module
The Life of the Sonnet SEM1 6AAEC084 Module
The Material Legacy of Early Modern Literary Texts SEM1 7AAEM603 Module
The Poetry of Revolution SEM2 5AAEB066 Module
The Shocks of the New: Modernist Poetry and Prose SEM1 5AAEB048 Module
The Victorians and the Making of the Modern World SEM1 5AAEB024 Module
The Visual and the Verbal in the Middle Ages SEM1 7AAEM657 Module
Theatre and Performance Research Methods SEM2 7AAEM668 Module
Theatre and Performance Theory SEM1 7AAEM669 Module
Theatre and Politics in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries SEM1 6AAEC085 Module
Theatre Capital SEM1 5AAEB021 Module
Theatre Gender and Culture in Jacobean London SEM2 7AAEM220 Module
Theory, Culture, and Politics after the 1960s SEM2 5AAEB076 Module
Thinking the Contemporary: Literature and Theory After Postmodernism SEM2 7AAEM678 Module
Transoceanic Indians SEM2 6AAEC121 Module
Twentieth-Century American Fiction SEM1 5AAEB072 Module
Unnatural Worlds: Literature and Ecology SEM2 7AAEM763 Module
US Slavery and the Literary Imagination SEM2 5AAEB064 Module
Vernacular Theory SEM2 6AAEC091 Module
Victorian Sensation SEM2 7AAEM656 Module
Victorians Abroad SEM2 6AAEC048 Module
Virginia Woolf and the Politics of Reading SEM2 6AAEC055 Module
Wordplay in The English Renaissance SEM1 5AAEB045 Module
Working with Early Modern Literary Texts SEM1 7AAEM641 Module
Writing London SEM1 4AAEA002 Module
Writing Poetry SEM2 5AAEB054 Module
Writing Race, Writing Gender SEM2 4AAEA017 Module

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